Morning Meanderings…. What Are You LISTENING To?

Good morning!  We are now mid-week in audio week and I feel like it is going so FAST!  I need to tell our host Jen from Devourer of Books that I need more time!  I have audio books yet to review I….

Oh…. it’s not about me?

Ok then.  Moving on….. 😛


Current/most recent audiobook:  (For me, there are three…)

1.  Ravens by George Dawes Green, narrated by Robert Petkoff and Maggi-Meg Reed (In the car)


Fabulous!  Not only is this a captivating book, the narration from both Robert and Maggi is very good. 


2. The Prophesy Of The Sisters by Michelle Zink, narrated by Eliza Dushku (In kitchen cd player)


Excellent story line and the narration is good, I find I need to listen a little more closely to catch all the details. 


3. The Magicians by Lev Grossman, narrated by Mark Bramhall (In IPOD)


FANTASTIC!  This is such a great audio and I am loving the narration too!  I can not wait to review this one!



Current/most recent favorite audiobook:

That is a tough question.  I seem right now to be listening to three very impressive books, which is exciting as it rarely happens that way that all three really grab me.  I would say most recent 11-22-63 was so fantastic by Stephen King and narrated by Craig Wasson.  What an amazing story!


Favorite narrator you’ve discovered recently:

I am actually pretty impressed with Mark Bramhall.  I am fairly new to the narrator watching part of audio and have been just excited about titles.  Now I am getting more into who I enjoy narrating and watching who is winning awards, etc…  (I feel like such a newby!) 


One title from your TBL (to be listened) stack, or your audio wishlist:

Well since audio week has begun, I have added Bringing Up The Bodies, The Bird Sisters, and A Land More Than Home to the wish list.


Your audio dream team (what book or author would you LOVE to see paired with a certain narrator, can already exist or not):

I don’t have enough narrator knowledge to answer this one… BUT – ask me again… next year 😀


And that’s todays morning Audio Book discussion brought to you by Devourer of Books.  Stop by and check out how others are answering these questions!  I know I will 😀 


Be sure to check out my other posts this week, yesterday I had posted two giveaway posts and when I put up my audio review for today later – that too will be a giveaway post 😀


How would you answer any of these questions?  Any suggestions you would give me on narrators and or audio? 

38 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. What Are You LISTENING To?

  1. Mark Bramhall is a great narrator! I loved his reading of The Big Rock Candy Mountain and Revolutionary Road.

  2. I feel the same way. I need more narrator knowledge too. 🙂

    • That makes me feel like I am still so new at this 🙂 For the most part I pick out audio by what I like – I do look at the rating and see what people are saying about the narrator but feel I am on the brink of watching narrators 😀

  3. I too am just now learning to check out who is narrating the books and names are starting to become more familiar to me! Added The Magician’s to my list!

    • Its really good Staci – just be warned – COLLEGE Potter…LOL…. so magicians who are teens in college… parties, relationships….. 😀

  4. I’m so glad you’re loving The Magicians. I’ve been thinking about buying it on audible!

    • She has popped up again and again (unintentionally) in the audio I have been choosing lately 😀 She does a fantastic job in the Ravens with a big southern accent.

  5. Like I’ve said before, I’ve only listened to a few audios. I loved Squirrel Meets Chipmunk by David Sedaris. But then I tried Love In A Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and couldn’t stand listening to the female narrator try to sound like a man.
    Could Not Finish It.

    • David Sedaris sounds like a narrator I need to try. Some narrators, just do not cut it. i did not enjoy In A Nutshells narration either. 😀

  6. I’ve just never been able to get into audiobooks like I do printed books but I keep saying I am going to try and I do have a one hour commute each way to my office every day.

  7. I loved Raven – although I read the print book. And like you, I don’t have much knowledge of narrators – not enough to know which ones are favorites – plus I haven’t listened to a narrator more than once yet.

    • I am just starting to get into a groove now where I see narrators names pop up and I know them. This weeks audio week is especially beneficial to me as I can really watch what people are talking about in audio and narration.

  8. I loved The Magicians. Bramhall is definitly one of my favorites. When his part started in A Land To Kind For Home I almost cheered. My favorite by his is A Quiet Belief in Angels. I recommend this one perhaps a little too often.

    Robert Petkoff is also wonderful. Check him out in any of Michael Koryta’s latest novels. Wonderful stuff. I really liked 11/22/63, although it took me just a bit to get used to Wasson’s narration.

  9. I loved Lorelei King’s narration of Love In A Nutshell, probably because it was my first Lorelei listen! I can’t want to listen to more by her. If Phil Gigante, Orlagh Cassidy, Scott Brick, Simon Vance, Joyce Bean, Davina Porter, Dan Stevens, Holter Graham, Dick Hill or Kate Reading are reading, I will listen!

    • I had one earlier Nise, I was writing an email and said I need a back up plan, but I typed I needed a “pack up plan”… same thing really 😀 LOL

  10. Oh boy, I DEFINITELY am a newbie! 🙂 But I am seriously loving audiobook week and I am getting so many great ideas and suggestions!! So fun! 🙂

  11. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly find any more recommendations than what I’ve already been seeing! Thank god Audiobook Week is just one week!

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