A Night To Remember by Walter Lord (audio book week and giveaway!)

She was built and marketed as unsinkable.  A grander ship you would not have found.  To be aboard her on this maiden voyage was privilege for the 2,207 passengers aboard, no matter if you were first class or steerage, you knew you were experiencing history in the making.

If only they had known how true that would be…

As she sped across the dark waters one cool April evening no one knew what was about to happen, and when it did happen….

“Iceberg right ahead!”

… no one thought it would do the damage it did.  But once the damage was done, The Titanic in all her glory sunk quickly.  A Night To Remember is the true minute by minute account of what happened after the Titanic struck ice, how some people reacted with an honor that is unmatched to this day, giving their lives… and yet other people brought out the ugliest side of humanity, and greed, and the instinct to survive, no matter what the cost.

Why did I want to listen to this audio?  I am a history buff when it comes to all things to do with the Titanic.  The whole tragedy from start to finish mesmerizes me today; the band playing on as the ship sank, the people of what was referred to as lesser class not given the rights to try to survive as the upper class was.  Heart wrenching, heartbreaking, and I want to know their stories.

In 1898, 14 years before the Titanic sailed, a book was written called The Wreck Of The Titan.  The ship, according to the book, was unsinkable.  This fictitious ship was sailing the North Atlantic in April when it struck an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland, causing it to sink.  There were not enough life boats for the people on board…  

As told in the opening of A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember is as accurate a recap as I have ever heard as to what happened that fateful April night in 1912.  It’s easy to understand that 100 years later, movies are still bring produced and books are still being written about one of the greatest tragedies of the sea. 

Narrated by Martin Jarvis and 5 hours and 4 minutes long, this book is read at a wonderful pace filled with facts brought forth by those who lived to tell the story.  While listening you will hear the conversations that took place after the ship was hit, the concerns over belongings, and of some – who were not concerned at all… hero’s and villains…

I was amazed at how close what I was hearing was to how the Titanic movie was made, all the way down to the large Irish man who fought to have the steerage women be released to have a chance to save themselves. Many of the lines from this book/audio, were also used in the movie,

“She is Unsinkable!”

Listening to this audio was at times painful when I thought of all the lives that were senselessly lost.  In the end, it is told that the Whitestar Line never did have a policy for such an emergency, the crew made it up as they went along… in the panic that unfolded they did the best they could under that extreme amount of pressure. Many things changed after that fateful night:

Never again did a ship sail without enough life boats to accommodate ALL on board.  Assignments and directions to lifeboats are now stated in each stateroom.

All passengers were created equal, no matter what their class in an emergency.

ALL iceberg warnings were taken seriously.

Every steamship carrying over 100 passengers must now carry two electric search lights

Walter Lord published this book in 1955, a classic that any Titanic follower must have in their collection.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Titanic and its final night, this is an audio book I highly recommend.  This one definitely goes on my keeper shelf.

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Thank you to Audio Jukebox for sending me this incredible audio for review!

46 Comments on “A Night To Remember by Walter Lord (audio book week and giveaway!)

  1. Never in a million years would I have picked up this book, but your review had totally grabbed me, so I’m adding this title to my list!

    • If you can imagine me happy dancing right now Beth…. I am! 😛 It is a short and powerful audio. I think it is a piece of history that is so important… hard to believe it has been 100 years…

  2. I actually have a paper copy of this book. It’s more chilling than you can imagine. I cry reading this, because it just lays out the facts. I can picture it all so clearly.

    • I have the book too Mary, but haven’t read it yet. I picked it up at a sale and I am so glad to have it so I can go back and look at the facts.

  3. Funnily enough, I just put together a list of books about the Titanic, and this one’s on it! I haven’t read it, but would certainly love to. Thanks for the thoughtful review and the generous giveaway!

  4. I saw this listed on Audio Jukebox reviewer’s list and thought it was fiction. Eeek. It’s theeee account of the sinking. I need to read more carefully. I would like this one.

    Since you like all things Titanic, you would love Voyagers of the Titanic, it’s the story behind the people that were on the ship rather than the sinking itself.

    • Yup… THEEEEEEE account. I have Voyagers of Titanic in print. I have to get to it. SOON. 🙂 I have a whole book shelf of Titanic related books.

  5. I think this would be a pretty powerful audio to experience!!

  6. This one is actually on my Goodreads TBR – I found it when I was looking for historical nonfiction for lesson plan writing. 🙂 I’d love to listen to it! Thanks for the review & giveaway!

  7. There can never be enough books written about the Titanic. Each book seems to have so much “new” info. What a fascinating subject! On audio, the book must be spectacular!

  8. Oh wow! This is on a list of books I put together recently. I think it would be awesome to have and listen to as an audio!!!! Your review makes we want it NOW!!!

    • Thanks Sara, I had taken great notes when I was listening to it on my way home form the cities and I lost them unfortunately… I appreciate hearing I still was able to express how good it is 😉

  9. me too! LOL I thought it was “an affair to remember” when I first glanced at it. I might get this in book form for my dad… he mentioned that he saw a book about the Titanic that he’d like to read, but can’t remember the name.

  10. I would love to win. I’m obsessed with all things titanic.

  11. I’m currently listening to The Dressmaker and it’s the story of a young woman who survives the sinking of the Titanic along with other characters and how they deal with the events of that fateful night. It’s so interesting!! I’d love to win this audio book. Thanks for this giveaway. You are one of the most generous bloggers I know.

  12. So excited!! Like many of the other comments, I LOVE anything to do with the Titanic.

  13. Would love to listen to this after reading your review.

  14. I have watched the old “Titanic” movie many times since I was a kid and the story still fascinates me to this day. I always think about the musicians sitting together and still playing music as the ship was sinking…so sad.

    Thanks for your generous giveaway. Whoever gets it will have a true historical treasure.

    • I was just looking at that last night – abut the musicians and while there is no one to back it up, they believe that last song was Nearer My God To Thee. Heartbreaking.

  15. Such a major catastrophe, that didn’t need to happen, but taught us a lot of
    lessons…I enjoy listening to audio books while I am traveling!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  16. I’ve read the paper version of this book, but my husband would love the audio book. He’s not much of a reader, but he loves audio books (and learning about the Titanic)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Definitely one i’m interested in winning !
    one of my great uncles had a ticket on the Titanic to come over to homestead with his family who’d gone before him. He missed the launch! but saved his life!

    thx for doing audio week & introducing us to many new listens 🙂

  18. I have seen a lot of Titanic books out this year. It is always interesting to read about historical events.

  19. a great posting, sheila….i’m interested 🙂

  20. Walter Lord is the Chuck Klesath of Titanic subjects. Klesath was a Moffat County, Colorado pharmacist. Lord and Klesath had no immediate family.

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