The Secrets Of Mary Bowser by Lois Leveen

Mary Bowser has been a slave all her life.  She worked for the Van Lew Family in Virginia until one day she is sent away to get an education… and her freedom.

By being educated Mary learns much.  She learns about the Civil War and gets a taste of what it is like to hold some power over what is happening around you.  Taking ownership of herself returns to Virginia to be with her father, but also finds herself posing as a slave to keep a close on eye on the dealing of President Jefferson Davies.  While information was getting out to the North, Mary was never suspected…

How much does freedom really cost?

How about this alternate cover? It creeps me out… then it draws me in…

Pre gush.  I really enjoy enjoy fictitious stories based around a non fiction character.  The fact that Mary Bower was in fact a real woman who really was a freed slave who came back into slavery to save others is fascinating.  That alone was enough to get me setting aside time on a very rainy weekend for this book.

Gush:  But Mary Bowsers story is so much more… this extremely well written book dives into this woman’s history with painstaking details… fact of fiction, in the end I felt as though I had a good feel for who Mary was and what she stood for.  We can all only hope to leave even a fraction of such a legacy. 

I admit I am not a huge fan of war related stories, however Marys part in what was happening around her made the book flow well with the war while being a large topic, was not the main story line.  Mary carries the book. 

The underground railroad has always fascinated me… such a rich history we have that is we do not take the time to dig into it, it will pass us by and we will be lesser people for never knowing, never caring.  Thank you to Mark Bowser and to Lois Leveen for writing such a vivid story I am left wanting more… in a good way.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for trusting this

treasure of a book to be placed in my care and the chance for my

fingertips to type and try to do the book justice.

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  1. This sounds like a MUST read! Thanks for the review!

  2. This is definitely on my TBR list! Thanks for sharing.

  3. If you aren’t a fan of war stories and you loved this one, then I’m going to have to read it for sure!

  4. I absolutely have to read this one!

  5. I really need to read this one. Sounds fascinating!

  6. What a fascinating tale from such a challenging period of history. Thanks for the review!

  7. Like you, I enjoy fictional books based on real characters. This sounds great!

  8. I’m also not keen on war stories, but in this book the war element isn’t focused on too much, I thought. I didn’t enjoy reading the politics surrounding the war too much but I loved the spying that Mary did – I was terribly worried she would get caught.

  9. I haven’t read very much fiction about the underground railroad. I do appreciate when stories are based on real-life people though.

  10. Glad you enjoyed this one Sheila! Thanks for being on the tour.

    Oh, and have a GREAT time in NYC this coming week!

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