Morning Meanderings… How Much Is Thay Doggy In The Window?


Good morning!  Another overcast day… but I think the weather is supposed to break today…. *fingers crossed*  AND another day closer to BEA….. I really need to start packing…

You may recall that in April, on the 11 to be exact, my friend Kerri brought along a little friend to book club that night.  Normally I would be alarmed because this guy was REALLY REALLY hairy… and because we are a group of all girls…

however, he also had 4 legs, and was a stray dog, so he was allowed in. 

(Bailey our 13-year-old left.. Sam the “new guy” right)

The deal was that Sam could visit while Kerri looked for a home for him.  She had seen him running around for four days on the roads, all muddy and matted… no tags, no collar.  When she seen him on a hwy that fourth day she put him in her car.  She called all the local and vets and HART our local impound, no one had turned in a missing dog.

When she brought him to our house, I too made calls around….  no one was looking for him.  I took him to the vet and to the groomer.  They believe he is between one and two years old.  The way he loves to play, I think he is closer to that one year mark. 

When I would be on my laptop, Sam (as hubby named him) wasn’t too far away.


As time went on, Sam just fit right in. We discovered that he loves to be in windows.  We have a bench in out bedroom in front of a window and Sam loves to climb up in the windowsill and watch the back yard.  In the living room he will get up on hubby’s recliner and then on to the tall coffee table to be in that window.  I can see him when I come home – sitting in the window sill…. waiting.  He doesn’t hurt anything and it is so cute, we let him do it.  Although, I do occasionally refer to him as “cat-dog”

He really is such a good dog.  When I come home he launches himself at me like “I can not even believe you came back!”  We have a five-minute session where I get down to his level so he can jump and tell me how much I was missed.  😀  Everyone needs a friend like that!

Sam has made a wonderful companion for Bailey.  Bailey has been so sad since we lost Elmo last fall… in a way, they think we all have been.  Sam brought a little life back into our home.  😀

As for today:

WORK!  Need to get done here and head in, lots to do with me being gone next week.

Tonight – depending on weather, I would like to go to Group Power and kick boxing but if it is nice, I may ride bike instead.  Later I have to get on the lawn… but that can wait until evening.. 😀

Enjoy your Wednesday!  😀

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  1. No one greets you the way a good dog does. I’m so glad you and Sam found each other.

  2. I don’t blame him for his window perches…that’s quite an awesome view!

    It reminds me of Sasha, the cat I used to have…she’s in the sidebar of my Potpourri blog, sitting in a window. She loved sitting there, and on the top cushion of the couch. (

    They do have their favorite spots. Enjoy your day!

  3. What an adorable addition to your household! Our dog finds a similar warm spot, but on the ground (we have underfloor heating)

  4. It was fate. Sam was just plain sent to make you, Bailey, and your family feel better. I adopted a dog who had been abused after one of my beloved dogs had to be put down. All that little abused dog asked for was to be loved and to be close to us. Sure makes you feel needed.

  5. SO CUTE! And… I have no idea what I’m going to pack.

    • Ugh…. me either. I was supposed to have Friday off and I thought I would prep then and now it looks like I will be working….
      a few pairs of pants, capris….. cute shirts…..

      • I’m working all week and celebrating my nephews birthday on Saturday. There will be little sleep and lots of running around trying to shove more dresses and shoes in my bag this weekend. A LOT of coffee is going to be bought next week.

  6. Sam is lucky to have all you, just as you are lucky to have him! I never understand how someone can abandon an animal.

  7. What a cutie 🙂

  8. That is one of the things (among many) I miss about having a dog. Glad Sam found a home with you!

  9. I am glad you decided to keep Sam! He’s such an adorable dog, and I LOVE all the window pics of him 🙂

  10. Awww, he found the right place to land. Thanks for sharing even though I’m all misty eyed now. We lost our two of our old guys last summer and I can relate to the sadness. I ended up adopting a crazy puppy who has fit right in but I’ll miss the other two.

  11. Such a happy ending to the story of taking in the stray dog! One of the dogs I grew up with looked a lot like that and boy would she go crazy when we got home. I miss that! Our lab just sits, smiles and wags her tail when we get home. Of course if she did go crazy like our little old dog did, much household furniture would probably be destroyed in the process.

    • Bailey does the tail wag too but he tries to up his game with Sam around he jumps up now and gets excited but I think it takes a lot out of him to keep up with the younger one…LOL

  12. Sam is too cute! So glad that you decided to keep him, as he seems to fit right in. And how funny that he loves to sit in the window like a cat!

  13. LOL…he definitely sounds like a cat-dog. Well, except for that exuberant welcome home.

  14. How could that sweetie be walking the roads. He looks like he was meant to be friends with Bailey. He is just adorable-He is a cat dog-my Magellan is a dog cat-when I work he is asleep just like that on my desk. Let’s not talk about the routine when I come home. Sometimes I am on the floor doing the bathroom dance because they are demanding belly rubs from me when I walk in the front door.

  15. This post makes me so happy! 🙂

  16. boardinginmyforties

    Sounds like Sam has already found the perfect home! 😉

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