Morning Meanderings… Now That is A World Book Day Story!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  😀  Truly how did I forget that spring is so much work?  Every spare moment I have I am cleaning the deck, assembling lawn furniture, pulling weeds, redoing my hosta beds, mowing the lawn, planting…. and then looking around thinking, “I should really sweep out the garage, I should clean up that storage space, hmmmm…. can I make the yard scrabble board I found on pinterest?”

Ok Ok… that is not what I planned on chatting about this morning so let me just pack away “complaining about the to do’s Sheila” and bring out “I could do a back flip that is so exciting Sheila”….

Oh good… here I am…

SO, last week I mentioned that I had one copy left of the World Book Day book, Hunger Games.  AND I knew where I wanted it to go, to Greg who works in the same building I do and who I figured was a prime candidate when we had a conversation about a month ago about the Hunger Games movie that went something like this:

Greg:  So, do you know anything about that movie Hunger Games?

Me:  Uhhh… YEAH!  I seen it opening night and it was fantastic! 

Greg:  Well, isn’t it about kids killing kids?

Me:  Now Greg, you say that like it is a bad thing…. (LOL, ok that’s not what I really said… let’s try this again…. 😛 )

Me (take II):  It is hard to explain, it’s a book I never thought I would read but if you can say it is done well and tastefully… it really is an amazing read.

Greg:  I don’t know… I will probably pass on it or wait for it to come out in DVD.

(Flash forward to last week when I brought him the final copy I had and offered him to read the book and asked him to put on the mask he wears when he is working at his stained glass business…. because, like I said in last weeks post… that’s just good Hunger Games humor.)

So now I bring you to present time… well, yesterday afternoon to be precise….

Scene:  Greg comes up into the office I work in….

Greg:  You ruined my weekend.

Me:  Wha????

Greg:  I could not put that book down.  At first I thought it was so strange but then…

Me:  Prim?

Greg:  Yes!  Wow, and ….

Me:  Rue?

Greg:  Yes!  Wow when she ……………………………………….. (I wont say here in case anyone has not read the book/seen the movie)

Me:  I know, right?

Greg:  I will be finishing it later today.

Me:  So, do you want me to bring in Catching Fire and Mockingjay for you to finish out the series?

Greg:  That’s what I came in here to ask you.

Me:  😛

So yeah – that is a World Book Day WIN!  I have the books packed up to go into work with me today where I am sure I will have a discussion with Greg about the ending of Hunger Games.  😀  I love book wins, and Hunger Games has been one I have recommended over and over again to reluctant readers and seen them come out the other side of the book with a “WOW!”  😀

Anyhoo… Wednesday… work, finish up the lawn this afternoon, work with the teens later tonight and then maybe try to finish up my hosta garden. 

How about you whats happening on Wednesday?  Books?  Gardens?  The ever growing lawn?

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Now That is A World Book Day Story!

  1. I need to read it! My granddaughter is raving about it, and my nine-year-old grandson wants to read it. But first…I need to check it out. It might be too much violence for a nine-year-old.

    I like how your story ended…with a new beginning for a reader.

    1. Hmmm…. first of all, yes you must read it. Greg is a grandfather…. it is an all ages book – now saying that, I think maybe not 9….. I am no good at guessing this age appropriate stuff… maybe 11 or 12?

  2. That is an awesome story!! I have been trying to convert my husband and he did enjoy the little bit we listened to of Hunger Games on a trip together. Soon I will put it on his Sansa for him to listen to. I can’t wait until he actually wants to read in paper. Soon, I know it’s soon! It’s great stories as this one that help bring on new readers or reluctant readers. Amazing authors out there can and should keep delivering.

  3. Isn’t it fun to turn people on to a good book (fyi…I hate that phrase–turn on. BUT nothing else seemed to fit. LOL ) What is up for me today? Books, always. I have a Literary Club luncheon today. Gardening? I should be pulling weeds, but……when I get off work I will go to water aerobics.

  4. What a great story! I have also had great luck with Hunger Games and the men – both heavy readers and not-so-heavy readers – in my life. My dad, my husband, my sons, my best friend’s husbands and sons – all have read the entire trilogy. 🙂 If Greg asks for suggestions about what to read next, you should give him Knife of Never Letting Go.

    1. Its so funny you said that Carrie as I told Greg yesterday that when he was done with this series I had another one to recommend – and that is exactly the ones I was thinking of – The Chaos Walking series! 😛

  5. I finally read The Hunger Games just recently! (Don’t ask why it took so long.) Now I need to get my hands on the other two books!! I wish we lived closer to each other — I’d borrow yours after Greg is done with them! (Love that pic of him by the way.)

  6. There’s part of me that wants to read Hunger Games and then there’s a part of me that really likes the fact that I’m the only one left.

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