Morning Meanderings… Christening The New Chair By Book

Good morning, happy Tuesday and all that.  Looks like it will be another beautiful day here in Minnesota.  Yesterday was fantastic – hot, with a little breeze….

and I sat in my new Mother’s Day Chair. 


There it is!  On the back deck, ready for me!

And every good chair needs a good book to be part of its maiden voyage (yeah I am stretching it here, but I am on a role…. 😛 ) and that said…

Myself, and Insurgent were on that chairs maiden voyage on the deck.  Yesterday afternoon I basked in my favorite time of year with my favorite pastime….

Today, I work, I ride bike, I mow the lawn…. the last two while listening to audio.

Have you spent any reading time outdoors yet?  if so, what book(s) have been part of your Spring 2012?

43 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Christening The New Chair By Book

  1. I keep wanting to read on my patio at my umbrella table, but to be honest, the chairs aren’t as comfortable as yours…and I can only hang there for short periods.

    Now yours is a comfy looking chair!

  2. So happy you got your chair!! I hope to get away from the computer early and venture out to the yard swing. It looks like such a nice day ahead!

  3. Even though the weather has been awesome the last few days where I live, I haven’t been outside reading. Maybe I will go out and read today; depends on how I feel.

  4. What a wonderful chair! I’m sure that’s going to be great this summer. If you’re not too busy…

    I sat outside once or twice, but the weather hasn’t been too good yet. I read a book that I didn’t finish, I remember. It wasn’t really that great.

  5. You got the chair! 🙂 I sat outside and read for a few minutes on our first sunny day last month. I need to get a new outdoor lounging chair though. My old deck chair got ruined, so I’ve been taking a wooden dining room chair back and forth from inside to the patio. It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable.

  6. You got it, yay for you!

    Reading is not an outdoor activity for me. I’d have a sunburn after a few pages. Plus, half my job involves being outdoors, so last thing I want to do in spare time is spend it outside if I don’t have to.

    1. I love the outdoors this time of year. My hubby works out in the sun all day so he keeps the house really cool with the air conditioning… too cool for me so I stay outside to have a body temp…LOL 😀

  7. Awesome chair! My deck could use a chair like that! I’m afraid I might fall asleep in it… or find my husband asleep in it. LOL Hmmm… you need a little table next to it and a drink with one of those little umbrellas in it. Perfect!

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