Morning Meanderings… My VERY OWN Book Fairy!!!! + Giveaway!

Good morning!  *yawn*  How we all doing today?  I missed the afternoon and evening of Bloggiesta yesterday as I was trying to get some errands done, then came home, changed and we had dinner with friends and then Hunger Games (yes, a second time!) and home around 11 pm.  Then…. I slept a little later than usual but I am here now and I have exciting things happening here.  😀

About a month ago I was contacted about the book club I am in by a publishing company.  They had read my Making Of A Book Club post and were bouncing ideas off me for a YA on line book club.  I was happy to help as Sheila + talking books = Happy Sheila.  😀

We had some conversations back and forth where we discussed ideas, promoting, etc… and in the end she offered me some books as a thank you.  I chose three from her list but she added to it and my very first mystery box of books arrived yesterday on my door step:


and in this group would be the very first April on Line Book Club pick:

Are you just LOVING that cover?  I am!!!  SO more on this hopefully going into this next week… I will give you info on the book club, the who, the what, the when…. I am just waiting on an email first to make sure they are ready to launch!



AND in honor of Bloggiesta happening right now this weekend (info below) I would love you to tell me which of these gorgeous books to read first and then I will read it and send it to one lucky winner.  Yes, you pick the book for the picture above, I read, then send to you. 


This year Bloggiesta is being hosted by It’s All About Books and There’s A Book, and you can see all the mini challenges here – and there are giveaways!  :D

Here is my “work in progress tasks for the weekend” :  (which I will cross off when I complete them):

1.  A new blog header

2.  New blog widget

3.  prep posts for upcoming reviews

4.  Write posts for movie/book reviews that I have completed  (five written and drafted!)

5.  Participate in mini challenges  (three done!)

6.  Clean up/update side bars

7.  Send out author chat questions to 3 authors

8.  Prep a blog survey to use in April

9.  Draft some fun discussion posts (one drafted… two more ideas formed….)

Happy Bloggiesta!!!  Don’t forget my mini challenge this weekend with gift card giveaways 😀 

58 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… My VERY OWN Book Fairy!!!! + Giveaway!

  1. I think I would start with UNRAVELING. I’ve been waiting for that one to come out. Enjoy your books, Sheila! What fun!

  2. Since I can’t read the titles of all the books, I’ll pick Viola by Adriana Trigiani for you to start with.

  3. Hello fellow Bloggiesta participant. I am loving your blog here. 🙂

    I would read Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig. I just love modernized fairy tales! To me, the book screams fresh, fun, and flirty.

    Any book you pick, you are a very lucky girl with a great to-be-read pile. Congratualtions! 🙂

    • Hi and thanks for picking a book…it is so much easier when I let all of you pick the books 😀 Then I have incentive to get to them too 😀

  4. Great haul, but huge decision, I go along with the Viola crowd.
    Happy Reading!!!

  5. I bought Hereafter awhile back when it was on sale for Kindle so I guess I’ll vote for it since it appealed enough to get me to buy it. Have fun planning this! On a side note, how are you liking Love In a Nutshell? It was my first audio book on my ipod a couple months ago.

    • Hi Jill! I finished In A Nutshell yesterday and it was ok… typical of Evanovich. New to audio huh? OOH do I have fun recommendations for you! Be sure to find Ready Player One and 11-22-63 🙂

  6. Good luck with all your blog updates this weekend. I’m working on a few things today, it’s raining here…

    I also blogged about another health/fitness confession today – isn’t checkpoint coming back this week?

    • OOH is checkpoint coming back? I had not heard…. I know Joy was talking about it, but I have been crazy busy and have been updating as I can.

      I like fitness confessions….LOL 😀

  7. Ooh, The Selection!! I heard it was really good from a critical reviewer!!

    I’m wishing I’d added stuff I did yesterday to my Bloggiesta list so I could cross ’em off already!! Lol.

  8. You really are going to need to get that clone to help you out with the mundane tasks so you have more time to read!

    I choose Hereafter for your first book.

  9. Well I’m not up on my fiction so I’ve not heard of any of them. But I’m going to say Never Fall Down.

  10. Is your mini-challenge missing or is the link wrong? I’ve tried to get to it from your link and from Suey’s link.

      • Ha! I do that a lot. No problem. Also, I noticed that you asked to view my site. I don’t actually have one. I just have a log in so I can comment on blogs. My actual blog is

  11. Ok…I love the new header….I freaking love your new look…

    The book box looks yummy…


    • Really Patty? Thanks…. isnt it goofed up though? It looks like the words go into the header… and … gah… I hope it works out. 😀

  12. Love and Leftovers caught my eye…Oh, amd yes…I do love that cover…I like the idea of an on line book club!

  13. since i have not read any of the above books and authors.. 😦 ,i say tiger lily for it so much catchy tittle…….

  14. I would read Incarnate, I’ve been wanting to read that one myself.


  15. How about, The Selection. It sounds super interesting!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about this online bookclub 😀

  16. Love & Leftovers sounds good.
    I love surprise books. I’ve gotten a few unsolicited ones(at least, I don’t remember winning and/or requesting them) in the past and it feels great.

  17. I’d chose Unraveling! I like books that are science fiction with a mystery woven into it.

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