One False Move by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar stands at 6 foot 4 inches and is a renowned Basketball Player and owner of MB Sports Reps.The MB standing for Myron Bolitar, and yes, he hates to brag, but he did think of the name himself.  Women find him handsome.

Brenda Slaughter plays women’s basketball.  She is smart and she is beautiful and she is no damsel in distress.  And that’s good, because Myron is no bodyguard.  Yet Myron has agreed to keep an eye out for Brenda and by doing so finds himself entangled in the tragic web of deceit that is her life.

Twenty years earlier Brenda’s mom had abandoned her.  And just as Brenda’s career is taking off, her father disappears too, much in the same way her mother did.  As Myron tries to dig through the deceit and the lies that people are dying to keep, and others are killing to protect…

Harlan Coben and I, BEA 2011, New York

Harlan Coben.  A long long time ago I was first a Stephen King fan.  As I grew out of my teen years and into my early twenties I moved on to Dean Koontz, not as over the top creepy as King could be, but still spooktacular (my word) writing.  Then after I had devoured everything I could get my hands on by Koontz, Harlan Coben hit my radar.  Coben wrote a good mystery but had something that King had little of, Koontz dabbled in it, but Coben hit a home run with it…. quick wit.  I do love good funny not, stupid funny and not unnecessary funny but a smart comment placed in the right spot is golden in my eyes. 

I remember one of the earlier books I read of Coben’s.  I can not recall the book but I do recall the story line.  The protagonist is in his kitchen eating a cereal bar when someone busts into the kitchen and shoots him.  In this tense moment, as the protagonist is falling to the floor before he loses consciousness, he tried to recall if the cereal bar was blueberry or cherry….  maybe it’s just me, but I think that is when I knew Harlan Coben and I would be friends forever. 😛

Now – while I have read most of Harlan Coben’s books, I have avoided this series of books surrounding his character Myron Bolitar.  Why?  Because 1.  I could see the books went way back and I did not want to back track to older titles and 2.  I was not sure if I would like Myron.

I am getting to a point here… really I am.  I listened to this book on audio mainly due to the fact that I was out of audio in-house, and my library supply has been thoroughly picked over by me and now I am reviewing titles I have previously passed on.  Enter Myron Bolitar into my life.

This is where I grovel.  It did not take long to be listening to this audio until I was once again smiling over Harlan’s great sense of humor and amazing story telling.  Myron is at once funny, witty, and interesting and I wanted to know what happened to Brenda’s family and why was her life such a big cover up.

If you like smart, fun, and engaging reading, I suggest you spend some time with Harlan Coben AND while I don’t think I will listen to the entire Myron Bolitar books, this one was fun and I admit I am listening to a second one with Myron right now. 

Borrowed from my library

24 Comments on “One False Move by Harlan Coben

  1. I’m not a StephenK fan, do enjoy DeanK and haven’t tried HaralnC, sounds like I must, it is something about an author having sarcasm similar to yourself, I love that also.

    Great picture btw.

  2. I discovered Coben when I came across a pb of his book, THE INNOCENT, on the bookshelves at my local Goodwill(thrift stores are a great source of reading on the cheap).

    I did not want to put that book down. When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about reading it and looking forward to when I could get back to it. I LOVED it and am now an ardent Coben fan.

    Like yourself, I enjoy the wit, humor, and dialogue in his books. And he tells a great story. They always go in a direction I didn’t expect and that’s what I love about them.

    I have read 3 of his books so far:
    . The Innocent
    . Caught
    . Shelter — his 1st foray into YA

    I own several others. I am also eager to see the movie version of his book, TELL NO ONE.

    Sorry about the length of my comment — will stop rambling now.

  3. I really like Harlen’s writing too, but don’t think I’ve read his Myron books (probably because of the sports angle). Need to remedy that, if you enjoyed it so much. Aren’t witty writers awesome?

    • I am not a fan of the sports angle either and so far not really sure what the point of that is since he is a retired basketball dude and that is kind of a background story….

      I do live my witty authors! 😛

  4. I’ve had a Harlen Coben sitting in my tbr pile for about a year now…not sure why I haven’t picked it up yet. I definitely will now – thanks once again for the inspiration!

  5. I love Harlan Coben! I still have yet to read anything in the Myron Bolitar series, but definitely on my TBR list. It’s also good to know that it may not have to be read in order. Sweet 🙂

  6. I’ve read and loved all of his books (except for his latest YA). Myron seems a little like Coben so it’s easy to like him 🙂

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