Morning Meanderings… Morning Is Not Always Pretty



Ok picture this (since a real picture would be frightening and I know some of you have kids who would have nightmares…)

Hair in my eyes and well… everywhere.  (Haircut scheduled for this afternoon…. Thankfully!)

Sleep pants and t shirt

flip flops

Coffee cup… not full enough… not hot enough… not enough.

Cheeto stuck to the side of my face.

(Ok, not really about the Cheeto but I thought that was a funny visual.)  😛


I have had a crazy week and that is why the Morning Meanderings have been missing as of late.  No time to meander… my days are work, my evenings are commitments… I run from one thing to the next.

Today I plan to work a short day, 8 – 11:30… then I am hitting the gym 12:15 – 1:15, then I have a hair cut at 1:30… then I need to come home and pack for the womens retreat that starts at hmmm….. 4:30 meeting at Applebees.  (Dont you hate it when even the fun stuff feels like a commitment?)  😯

I will be at the retreat until Sunday late morning… then home, floor hockey at 4 pm then HOME for the night.  YAY!!! 

I know I will have a good time once I get there… I am just tired and I have a ‘tude.  Laptop is coming with so I will be checking in and I do have posts for the weekend too…. no idea when I had time to write them – but they are there 🙂 

I am off… I have 32 minutes to shower, dress, stop at the store and get to work.  Oddly… that is enough time for me… I am probably the fastest get ready woman in the world…. LOL

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Morning Is Not Always Pretty

  1. I woke up with an attitude this morning, too. Grr. Hopefully I’ll be able to quit dwelling on this issue before I’m able to address it (12:30 appt), and hopefully that talk will get things straightened out.

    Have a great weekend! But yeah, it’s no fun when the fun stuff feels like laborious commitments.

  2. With your busy schedule, you have had lots of practice at “getting ready” fast…lol. Just sayin’.

    I, on the other hand, have gotten out of practice and like to laze around on the computer most of the morning, feeling resentful if I have a LUNCH get-together. Now that’s a hermit, I think.

    Today I have the gym and have to sign my tax forms at the accountant’s. That’s enough to make me cranky….

    Good luck with your day….whew!

  3. I hate to rush in the morning, but once I get going I get ready in a jiffy. It helps when your hair is wash and go, and you don’t wear makeup, and you like loose clothing. We have busy days ahead going to Phila. for Dave’s doctor appt., then two days at home, and finally off to CT for a basketball tournament for several days. Then I’ll be very happy to veg out in front of the TV during March madness. Enjoy the retreat.

  4. I’m not a morning person, so always have a ‘tude until say….noon! Know what you mean about fun stuff seeming like just another commitment at times. Bummer. Have fun at the retreat!

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