Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

Valentine Roncalli does not believe she is the pretty one  Nor is she the smart one.  Valentine in fact looks at herself as the funny one.  It’s an easier spot to be in. 

Yet now that the Angelina Shoe Company, the one her family has owned for more than a century seems to be on the verge of financial destruction, funny just is not going to cut it.  To save the business Valentine must find a way to bring their business into the 21st century, all awhile juggling her own romance with chef Roman Falconi, her larger and opinionated family, and not only enter but try to win a design challenge presented by a prestigious department store.

Valentine will turn her life, and their business upside down in ways she never expected.

Very Valentine is a re-read for me.  In fact, it was this book, along with Brava Valentine that entered me into an Adriana Trigiani contest two years ago that lined me up with dinner with her along with 5 other book bloggers when we were in New York in 2010.

When my book club chose this for our February read I was thrilled for them to get a chance to experience this wonderful author, but for me was unsure if I was going to read the book again (what is the Italian word for idiot?  😯  )

As the time came closer to our review I thought I had better skim through it at least and had downloaded it on my NOOK (my challenge to read all book club books this year on my NOOK) and opened the story up… within a minute I was smiling to myself.

Do you know that feeling when you walk into a bakery or a fresh bread store and a scent brings you back to an earlier in life moment?  That’s what Very Valentine did for me…. the opening lines made me smile.  I was suddenly whooshed back to Valentine’s world and it is a busy one filled with voices of family, amazing Italian dishes, and shoes… oh the shoes.  Skim shim… I read the book in its entirety again. 🙂

2010 lunch with Adriana
In 2011, a group of us had lunch with Adriana again…. fantastic experience, she is such an amazing woman.

Last night at the Bookies review we had a wonderful time discussing family and traditions, two very large and important topics throughout Very Valentine.  We also discussed the shoes and Angie (By Book Or By Crook) brought along a slideshow presentation of shoes, embellishments for the shoes, Italy, the windows discussed in the book…. it was awesome.  I love that our book club will do the little extras to bring a book to life.

And much like a big Italian,  family ourselves, we brought food… delicious food, we ate, we laughed… and before we left it was 9 pm…. (we usually end at 8 pm)  😯

This is the makings of a Harvey Wallbanger which is mentioned in the book. For most of us this was out first time trying it. We served in tiny sample cups.

The book was enjoyed by all.  The discussion and food were wonderful (I did not even get a picture of the desert!

28 thoughts on “Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

  1. The Italian word for idiot is pazza!! 🙂 And WOW that is a sumptuous looking meal right there. You’ve got me pretty interested in check out this author as well!

    Happy Reading 🙂

  2. I do love Trigiani’s books…my first ones were the Stone Gap series, but after reading Brava Valentine (a book I won from you!), I was totally hooked on this character and her life. And scents.

    Even though I had skipped to the second one, I know I’m going to luxuriate in this one, too.

    Speaking of scents….that food has me salivating….

  3. I am determined to read Very Valentine this year. I just got her new one (to be published in May) and it will be the first Adriana Trigiani book I read. I love how sometimes a reread can make you love a story even more.

    When I read your posts about your book group I think that it would be worth it to move from Ohio to snowy Brainerd just so I can join! You all sound like such a fun bunch 🙂

  4. I just checked on Amazon and this book is currently only 99 cents so I had to buy it! I am sure I will love it. I get such great recommendations from your blog!

    Sorry…I get easily excited when it comes to books. It is the librarian in me 🙂

  5. I think I’ve only read one novel by Trigiani but this one sounds intriguing!

    Your book group sounds like so much fun! I love how you match the food to the book.


  6. You are so fortunate to be part of a terrific book club. I love that you go all out, frequently. What a blast you must have! Would you do a post about keeping book clubs energized and enthusiastic with some tips, please?

  7. Oh, I love those books that I can read again and again. I’ll have to put this one on my TBR list.

    I just started a book club at work. We’ve only met twice and it’s a lot of fun. Love book clubs!

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