Morning Meanderings… Books and Snow!


Good morning!  Happy Tuesday and all that! 

I did not get around to many blogs yesterday.  Between work and last nights meeting I had a tiny window of about an hour and a half which I used for CRAZY stuff like a load of laundry and making dinner.  😛

However, and possibly unfortunately, in the few I was able to get around to…. I found….


I know… I know…. like a hole in my head, but yeah… books and darn good reviews that made me want to read those books…. and now… I am going to pass them to you so you catch the fever too!

I have seen this book around… not really given it much thought (you know what a cover snob I can be and this is just not calling me…. but then I innocently pop over to see Lydia from The Lost Entwife and I am reading a review for this book that causes me to put it on the wish list.  Whoa.  What happened? 

Stop over and check it out for yourself!


And then…


Ok this cover DOES call to me… I don’t know why…. maybe because it looks like Skittles…. or pastel Easter M & M’s, but any book reader knows…. one can not live off cover love alone….

Nope.  Instead I am over at Kritter’s Rambling minding my own business and then this review makes my jaw drop and now… now I want to read this.  I want to read this now. 


In other news, it is snowing.  SNOWING.  My beautiful dead grass world is now covered with snow and it is supposed to continue irritating me for the next three days.  Not a fan.

Tonight is book club.  We have read Adrianna Trigianni’s Very Valentine.  This is a re-read for me but a delicious one and while I grumbled about it being a book I have already read, I forgot how fun it is to read Adrianna’s writing and for that…. I am a schmuck.  Instead… getting back into Valentine’s world has almost (almost) made me forget about the snow… 😛


21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Books and Snow!

  1. Thanks for the mention! It was such a good read, I devoured MWF in one weekend!

    In other news – I am going to BEA this year!! Hope to see you there

  2. That snow has made it’s way to the Lake Michigan shore and is now falling at my house 🙂 Temps are supposed to read the 40s later today so we’ll be back to brown grass by this evening.
    Even though I read it a couple of years ago I bought the kindle edition of Very Valentine this week – couldn’t resist the $.99 price. Also, I’d given my copy away. I love the first line/paragraph (and that’s something I never remember in a book, lol). I guess I could relate. Enjoy your book club!

  3. sheila….it is still february…and you do live in minnesota… yourself a book off your list; you will feel better. m&m’s and skittles would help too but i know you are trying to be healthy

  4. So glad I don’t have to deal with snow!

    I am planning to read the John Green book. It will be my first, but everyone raves about him.

    Enjoy your books!

  5. Everyone keeps raving about John Green….going to need to break down and finally read one of his books! And you’re right about the cover of MWF Seeking BFF – it does remind me of Skittles!

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