Morning Meanderings… Have you seen this?

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!  This calls for coffee!  *runs and trips over dog trying to get to the coffee pot*

Any way – good morning!  Life is – BUSY.  I only made it around to the first 31 IMWAYR posts yesterday, but I did find something pretty cool at Cindy’s Love Of Books.  The awesome Parajunkee organized a few bloggers together to make a fun vlog that makes me smile every time I watch it…. and oh yeah, I have watched it a few times now:

Is that not……

awesome sauce?  😛

Standing ovation to:

Tynga’s Reviews

My Five Monkeys

Rabid Reads

Bookish Brunette

Book Faery

and of course Parajunkee


For my valentine’s day nothing big here… hubby is out-of-town and I work and then I hope to work out.  Friends have invited me over for dinner and if I am doing that I am bringing along a fun desert that I seen on someones blog recently… (I think it was a blog…. it may have been Facebook…. gah… I don’t recall)…


I have two giveaway winners to announce from my birthday giveaways last week.  From my Judie Fein, Life Is A Trip review I offered a $10 Amazon gift card.  That winner (using is:

Diana Mack!!!

your gift card was emailed to you this morning!

And… the winner of the book, Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children is…

Kristin D from Kritters Rambling

Kristin send me your address to and I will send the book your way!


The $10 Amazon gift card from this post goes to :

Hannah at Word Lily

your gift card was emailed to you this morning!

Any plans for you this February 14?  Any themed books you are reading this week because you are just that cool?  (I am reading Bravo Valentine by Adrianna Trigiani).

35 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Have you seen this?

  1. thanks very much for the gift card….from reading all the posts yesterday i have a slew of books that i can now check out!
    happy valentines day!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    If you need a dessert idea, I blogged yesterday about angel food cake on skewers. I can’t wait to make this (when we have people over). No recipe needed, just look at the photo from yesterday’s post.

    Have an awesome workout and dinner with friends.

    1. SO funny you brought that up Mari because it was your blog where I seen it! 😀 I noticed it when I was over at Bookworm with a View this morning… thats exactly it – it looks good, and easy and pretty 🙂

  3. i loved ‘bravo valentine’…i just finished reading it. have you read ‘very valentine?’

    happy valentine’s day, sheila 🙂

  4. Gonna have to check out that video after I comment….as for Valentine’s Day, my plans….work. *-* NO really, I work a double no less so by the time I get out of work, it’ll be tomorrow. *sigh* Oh well. Valentine reading this year was a little quirky, checking out THE GIRLS’ GUIDE TO DATING ZOMBIES by Lynn Messina. Pretty funny….

    Happy Valentine’s Day…and happy reading!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day! No big plans here, either — actually, your day is way more scheduled and social than mine. 🙂

    And yay, I’m a winner?!?!

    I finished a book last night (The Innocent by Taylor Stevens) and now I need to pick a new one, no idea what that’ll be yet.

    I did make a cute heart garland, though.

  6. Happy Valentines Day Sheila!!

    I don’t think I’ve EVER said any of those things! What??? You don’t believe me??? Oh ok, I’ve said at least 70% of them.

  7. That was so much fun! Whew – at least I didn’t wear sunglasses when I said “I’m not accepting review copies right now.” 🙂 Otherwise I’m afraid they nailed all of the stereotypes of my life!

  8. is that a great video? I think they did an awesome job.

    As for Valentine’s Day we went out for supper. Nothing fancy. We were suppose to go to this pizza place but when we pulled in we realized that they had closed up shop so had to make other plans on where to eat.

    Then we came home and exchanged little presents.

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