SPIN by Catherine McKenzie

How far would you go to get what you have always wanted?

Kate is a 30-year-old party girl.  She loves to go out with her friends and celebrate… well, anything!  When Kate lands an interview to write reviews for her favorite music magazine, The Line, that is something really worth celebrating!  And celebrate she does, perhaps a little too much the night before the big interview and showing up still intoxicated from the night before, she blows it.  Literally.

However a few days later the publishers of the magazine call her with an idea.  They also run a gossip magazine and the word is out that the current tabloid “it girl” Amber Sheppard has just entered rehab for her extreme partying ways.  If Kate is up to the challenge, the publishers would like to send her undercover into the 30 day rehab center to get the inside scoop.  If she does well, they will reconsider her for the Music Reporter position.

As Kate considers this opportunity to earn big bucks while tracking a mega star she creates a “to do” list:

  1. Go to rehab
  2. Befriend/spy on “It Girl”
  3. Write killer expose
  4. Land dream job

Piece of cake!

When Kate takes the assignment she is in for a few surprises along the way, one of them being as she goes through the steps wondering if perhaps she did need a little professional help with her partying ways, two being who knew she would meet an incredible hot guy, and three, she never dreamed that Kate Sheppard (her big assignment!) would turn out to be a real friend….

Kate has to decide if what she will gain in the long run will be worth the price she will have to pay. 

SPIN was actually a lot of fun to read.  You might look at the synopsis and think “oh boy… chick lit YA all the way”, but there is more to SPIN than that.

When I started the book I was annoyed with Kate.  Her life style was self-destructive and I have a “low tolerance policy (hence forth known as the LTP) for people who constantly blow up their life and then wonder why things go so poorly for them.

Once Kate enters rehab believing she is only on assignment and does not have a drinking problem is when I see author Catherine McKenzie shine.  Kate feels real…. clueless (in the beginning) but certainly real in her actions and even likable as she grows in so many ways during the rehab time.

And it’s not only about Kate.  Amber, as well as Henry, are wonderful supporting characters, and there is an assortment of pre- rehab friends that make appearances as well that all felt real.  There is a lesson to be found within the pages of SPIN, one on not judging someone based on gossip.  People in real life are so much more, and until you have seen where there life has led them to walk… you should not pretend you know what it is like to be in there shoes.

I really enjoyed SPIN.  While the ending may be a bit predictable, it was still wonderful and the way it all fits together is handled smartly.   By the time I reached the middle of the book there was no putting it down!  I am looking forward to reading more from Catherine McKenzie.

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18 thoughts on “SPIN by Catherine McKenzie

  1. I love that LTP…I know plenty of those types!! 😀
    I have a copy of this one and look forward to reading it!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. Judtih (leeswammes blog) and I did a joint review on this book two weeks ago. I also enjoyed it but was expecting something more dark that it was, due to the subject matter.

  3. I really think I’d enjoy this one, knowing that it’s a lighter look with a serious undertone would help with expectations. Enjoyed your review Sheila

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