Morning Meanderings…. Sunday Salon?

Good morning and happy Sunday!  It’s the wee hours of the morning here but that’s what happens when you heat your home in the winter with a wood stove that sits out behind your home… when its cold… you have to get up at odd hours to fill it…. AND once dressed and tossing pieces of wood into the mammoth wood stove in frigid air for about ten to fifteen minutes… you kind of come back in the house… AWAKE.


For years now I have seen the Sunday Salon posts pop up around the blogosphere.   As of late I have considered doing this, but then wonder if it is not what I already do anyway between the morning meanderings and the Monday What Are You Reading (which recaps my reading week… past and future).

This morning (remember, I have been up a while…. had time 😛 ) I Googled Sunday Salon and found this to be the originator.  While the main link explains it is like a mini read a thon… the posts I have read are a mix of books and life and I like that.  I do like reading about what others are doing in their piece of the world, so I am going that style.

And so… I begin….

This past week has been a good one.  The early part of the week was my typical work days and attempted work outs.  Tuesdays are good because there are a couple of classes my friends like to go to and I make it a point to be at the gym with them Tuesday evenings.  Unfortunately the gym times have become few and far between so I need some strategic planning there to juggle the additional hours I took on at work for the next couple of months but keep MAKE working out a priority.  I had started Team Kickin It this year to support me in these work out goals and have not really loved on that for a while now.  I need to get SERIOUS.  (I want to look more like my Avatar chick on that blog and lets just say that currently… not so much.  😯

Thursday was my ____ birthday!  Yup I am ____ years old!  I know, right?  😛  I had a lunch date, and then that evening I went to a wine tasting with a few friends of mine and had a great time unwinding and eating delicious hor duerves!

I was hoping I took a picture of the pretty wine in my glass or of my friends… but no… I took a picture ( or 7) of the ceiling in the restaurant we were at:

I think you can understand why I was distracted… 😛

Friday I had a lunch date with my Wal-Mart peeps…. my core group of co-worker friends from times gone by…. always a blast!  Friday night I had a surprise home invasion by a group of friends who came bearing 10 (yes 10!) large balloons, my favorite bottled water and a French Silk Pie.  Mmmmmm…….

Saturday was a pampering day.  I slept in (ahhhhhh!) until about 8 am.  Yes, that is sleeping in for me. 😀  I read a bit and then had an appointment, then tanned (I know I know…) and then went and had a manicure and pedicure done…. I like doing this for many reasons 1.  I do a horrible job if I try to do it myself.   2.  They shape my nails I am so hard on, nicely.  3.  I can read while they do this, always a fan of the multi task.   I was reading SPIN by Catherine McKenzie which was pretty good and took up most of my spare time throughout the day.  I finished it last night. 

I am also reading We’ve Got A Job by Cynthia Levinson, and starting to read (in baby steps) my nemesis book (see yesterdays post) Jane Eyre.  I am still listening to 11-22-63 and LOVING it (audio all the way on this one!!!)  A trip to the library brought me home with three more audio books and two I have already given up on… Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison (within 30 minutes of listening and a disgusting dialogue I knew this one wasnt for me) and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne which I think is just this audio version that was a negative…. the story bored me (maybe that’s just Hawthorne?) a bit too much thee and thou for me to stay focused.  Note to self – do not pick audio from the library shelves – find what you like at home them reserve it on line so the library will have something you actually want to listen to in house. 😀

As for today…. I woke to the sad news about Whitney Houston.  I had just noticed yesterday she was on a cover of one of the tabloids while I was in the check out line, it was something about her struggling and I thought what a tough life she has had…. 

In other Sunday news, this morning I have church, at 12:30 I am going to go work out at the gym (YES I AM!), then I have a couple things to pick up for an awards event tonight, at 4:00 I play floor hockey and then will rush home to change and get ready for the 6:30 event…..  I don’t want to say much about this but I have a fun plan for tonight….. here is your only clue….

21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Sunday Salon?

  1. I’m happy our days with a woodstove are gone. When I was diagnosed with COPD, we sold the woodstove and bought a new one that is fueled by propane. We were getting to old to split, stack, and haul wood anyway. Now I just grab the remote, set the temp. and we’re fine. Our stove was indoors, but I hated it anyway.

    1. The winter has been fairly mellow here Barbara which has made it an easy three fills a day task… but this weekend it tuned COLD and I have been filling more often. I try to look at it as early morning work out… squat, lift the wood, toss the wood, repeat 😀

  2. I need to make exercise more of a priority too. I’ve been slacking off this past week. I have to step away from the computer and get out there and walk! I can’t wait for spring and gardening season to begin.

  3. Oh, yes, woodstoves…mine in my foothill house was inside, but it required constant tending in order to get it going. Then, since the house was a two-story, the heat seemed to float upstairs….

    My guesthouse was better, since it was smaller…and took less time to get the house warm.

    Loved your post. Here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST

    1. I would never have one inside Laurel (house fire in 1980 due to that inside wood stove) but this one is a big industrial MONSTER that burns the wood that in turn heats water that heats our house and our business. 😀

      1. Sheila, the Sunday Salon was “closed” when I applied recently, but I noticed this morning it is now OPEN to anyone interested. I’ve been having fun with Sunday Salon. Here’s today’s, if you want to see it. You can also click on the “salon” label to see all I’ve done so far, as I tried a little of this and a little of that before deciding more or less what I’ll include.

  4. I never know when to quit with audio books. i am loving that my library now checks out digital audio books, now I just need to figure out how to return them before the due date as I have two out now that I am done with and have to wait until Friday for one of them to drop off. I am actually planning a trip to the library to see if they can help me. Enjoy your week!

    1. If it doesnt capture my attention I move on Jill… I was actually thinking about this the other day…. (and this will probably lead to a blog post….), I think when the audio is good, you loose yourself in it fairly quickly. By that I mean that you no longer are noticing the narrators noise, or pauses, or things that big you… you are one with the story.

      That just happened to me this past week with another one I got from the library, I remember thinking “I hope I like the narrator” and the next thing I knew I am laughing along with the characters and realized I was into the book! 😀

      Somewhere in this blog of mine I have an audio recommendation list from other book lovers/bloggers. I need to get that on my sidebar soon! 😀

  5. Well… Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    I, uh, “joined” the Sunday Salon on Facebook where, uh, “everyone” posts their Sunday Salon, I guess, and they all arrive in my in-box as a, uh, “member”? I didn’t find any instructions, but it looks like weekly thoughts about books and life to me, too. Or at least… that’s what I do with it, sorta. Sunday’s the only day I pay attention to what happened during a week, so it helps a lot to, like, find all the books that came in with In My Mailbox and recap what I did. I just forget – last Monday seems like a long blogging week ago!

    Here’s my Sunday:

  6. So sad about Whitney, still in shock for a talent so great to be gone.

    I love the books hanging from the ceiling. I see an encyclopedia we used to have for our kids. I have no idea where those books ended up, lol.

    I too have thought of joining the Sunday Salon but haven’t made the leap yet. I will keep watching your posts and think about it.


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