Morning Meanderings…. Well…. that’s new!

Morning all!  😀  I was gone all day yesterday as I figured I would be… finally landing home around 8 pm, tired… and wanting nothing more than a cup of tea and Laptop.  I read an responded to comments and then found my way through my emails in my personal emails, and then my book emails.  Two things in the book email that caught my eye:

To the upper left on the sidebar is a new Linky follow widget.  I have never had a follow widget before and not sure if I want one now… but this is the first time I have been able to link to one on wordpress so thought I would put it up for kicks.  I am impressed with Brent and Linky coming forward with a solution for those who are going to lose the GF (Google Friends) follow widget. 

Secondly, (oh how I love them!)  is having a sale:

Sorry audio book listeners but I must take you down with me…. I do love audio and at this price I had to check this out.  SO what did I get?

That’s enough to entertain me for a while.  The first two are new to me, but Gorky Park I read as a teenager and loved it – in fact in hind site, it is probably the first serious topic book I have ever read.  To this day I am still impressed that I got into it, survived the book, and enjoyed it enough that all these years later I still carry pieces of it in the edges of my mind.  I am ready to visit the park again.

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Well…. that’s new!

    1. I dont find it odd Patty…. it works with my life style… I dont always have a lot of time to sit down and read a book…. I can listen to an audio while doing other things…. cleaning, mowing, getting reading in the morning, cooking… 😀

  1. Sheila, you are definitely a lover of audio, and I think it’s because you’re always multitasking! Now I would never be able to keep any of the stories straight if I had several going. One or two books, maybe…and only in print, where you can easily flip back the pages.

    I’m so very visual that the only way I can imagine listening and enjoying audio would be if I were commuting.

    To each her own…and whatever helps you “devour” your books…lol

  2. I was wondering the same about Outlander! More than a day??

    Will have to check out the sale! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Outlander is a long audio, but it’s a good one. I’ll be curious to see what you think of it. There are some passages that are definitely not for listening to in public (and some of those make me giggle uncontrollably, but at least one of them is very uncomfortable/sad to listen to). All in all one of my favorite books though.

  4. I’ve been trying to avoid the Audible Sale because I’m TERRIBLE at following through with series. I have been considering Outlander but then I saw Gorky Park! Yikes–I didn’t realize that was part of a series. I’ve had the book on my shelf for about 10 years (unread). Hmmm…$5 is pretty tempting but what if I get hooked? 😉

    Enjoy the listening.

  5. I read Outlander a couple of years ago and really liked it! Thanks for the heads up on the audible sale. I picked up Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben. Lots of my book friends gave it good reviews.

  6. I thought Outlander was a wonderful audiobook. Definitely had to keep shutting it off in the kitchen if any family was around. Best to listen with earbuds or when you’re alone. Sexy romance! I tried reading the next one in the series instead of listening, but ended up skimming and never finished.

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