The Final Counts Are In!

This is the post I have sooooo been looking forward to… but also dreading, as I knew it would take some work.  The recap of the year as far as counts, and challenges…

Looking at the chart above that put me at a total of  140 for the year.  With a combo of books and audio, in most months I was able to listen to more audio then I was to read.  Actually, some of the months surprised me at how little I had read. 


As for 2011 Challenge Wrap Ups…

Success!  AT 140 I achieved and over achieved this challenge!!!


Success!!!  This challenge I had set at the highest level… OBSESSED – which was 20 audio books.  I ummmmm…. I… came in at 64.  😯


Fail:  This was such a good challenge for me and I did accomplish a couple… but old habits die hard and I found myself doing what I usually do… purchasing the coveted book… and placing it on the  “someday” shelf. 😳



Half Fail:  This challenge was where I was suppose to find books that I really wished I had read and then do so… I started out well, but then stopped keeping track….


I think a fail… this did not count outdoor biking or it would have been a win!  😀




Success!!!  My goal was to read/listen to  30 library books in 2011.  I finished at 32.


My Where Are You Reading Challenge post will be a separate one as that is my own challenge.

24 Comments on “The Final Counts Are In!

  1. WOW! So you read 140 books in a whole year?! That is amazing.

  2. wholly schmolly that’s a lot of reading! I’m lucky to read a book a week. I have been working on my current novel for almost two weeks (loving the book, just no time to read).

    I’m sending fitness dust (fiary dust) your way – to help you train for tough mudder and to meet your 2012 goals! 🙂

    My husband and son are building me some type of training contraption in the basement tomorrow so I can work on wall climbing and monkey bars. #toughmudder

    Game on!

    • Thanks for the fitness dust Mari! 😀 Sweet about getting the climbing wall! I have to think where I could find one in our community….

      Audio is the way I can read so much Mari – I can listen to books while riding bike, while on the tread mill..etc 😀

  3. Great job with your challenges, especially the 100+ Challenge and Audio Book Challenge!

    I signed up for way too many challenges last year so I have a number of fails. There are two challenges that I failed miserably because I didn’t read a single book for them (Outlander challenge-so I signed up again for 2012, and the Anne McCaffrey Challenge-I will try to at least read book one in the Pern series in 2012).

    • I too want to read the Outlander series but hate getting caught up in a a large series so am starting with book one this year, then we will see 😀

  4. I like your graph.I just simply listed all the books I’ve reviewed, by month. NIce one.

    • LOL – I am no where near as bad as I was the first year I blogged – I signed up for so many – and specific ones too like The Gilmore Girls Challenge (which I would like to still complete!)

  5. I am blown away by your chart!!! Very cool, lady!! My year came in at 120 books. I think I’m going to have to give Audio a try in 2012!!

    Fantastic job on the challenges and just everything! I love your personality and your blog!

    • Staci audio saves me – I hope you become as addicted as I! 🙂 I listened to two hours of audio today while I cleaned the Reading Room. Love that!

  6. I think I’ve got better with buying books and reading them promptly. There are still a few that disappear onto the shelves but I do really try only to buy the ones I want to read within the next month.

    • I organized my shelves last night Ellie – the room was becoming a big book pit… I hope now I have a bit more control over what is going on in the books. I also put all my duplicate copies together to start offering giveaways 😀

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