Morning Meanderings… Its Time For The Challenges

Good morning!  😀

Sipping Earl Grey this morning… not sure why, but craved it over the sharpness of coffee today. 😀

I am staring at the bottom right corner of Asus (Laptop) at the date.  12/30/11.

Really?  😯

I had such big plans for finishing out the year… books to complete, reviews to write, challenge recaps, plans for 2012, book and audio counts, wrap up of 2011 challenges and enter the new…. and here I am… December 30th… and so much to do.  😀

On the bright side, I have all of next week off which will be a great catch up time in many life things.  That will be helpful 😀

This morning I am going to share what Challenges I will be participating in for 2012.  Why do challenges?  They are fun and stretch you in your reading experience.  They are also a great way to connect with other challenge participants and meet like minded readers.

Like I could pass on this one!  😛  There are four levels to this challenge:

  • Flirting-Listen to 6 Audio Books
  • Going Steady- Listen to 12 Audio Books
  • Lover- Listen to 25 Audio Books
  • Married-Listen to +++  Audio Books

I will be going for Married level.  It sounds like there will be occasional audio giveaways (SSSQQUUUEEE!!!)

The WHERE Are You Reading Challenge was so much fun last year that I will be hosting it again.  I loved watching my map fill up – reading in all the states… well, not all of them… 😀

YAY!  I need this one.  My hubby bought me the NOOK E Reader last Christmas… as in a year ago Christmas.  I had read one book on it… which, he pointed out.  😯  SO I am trying to intentionally put more time in on the NOOK.


  1. Floppy disk – 5 ebooks
  2. CD – 10 ebooks
  3. DVD – 25 ebooks
  4. Memory stick – 50 ebooks
  5. Hard drive – 75 ebooks
  6. Server – 100 ebooks
  7. Human brain – 150 ebooks

I am aiming for the CD level. 

They are creepy and they’re spooky…. oh, ok.. not all of them!  This is a fairly new genre for me and I am LOVING it!  I am hosting this challenge hoping it will get others to dabble in it as well. 😀


1-3 Dytstopia Books read in 2012:  beginner

4-6 Dystopia Books read in 2012:  Intermediate Post World Trainee

7-10 Dystopia Books read in 2012:  Leader of Your District

11+ Dystopia Books read in 2012:  SURVIVOR!

I am going for SURVIVOR!

I am super excited about this one!  I was just thinking of how cool a challenge would be on blogger favorite reads and then…. I found one!  Reading with Tequila has this AMAZING list of book which will be great motivation for me to read some of the greats!

The Levels:
Level I Read 5 books from the 2011 Book Blogger Recommendation List
Level II – Read 10 books
Level III – Read 15 books
Level IV – Read 20 books
Level V – Read 20+ books

Here are the books I would like to read off the list:

1.  City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

3.  The Maze Runner by James Dashner

4.  Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

5.  A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

6.  Black Girl, White Girl by Joyce Carol Oates

7. Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

8.  Fire by Kristin Cashore

9.  The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

10. Wither by Lauren DeStefano

11.  The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

12. The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

13.  Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

All of these books are in house except #6 and #7.


This one is more of a personal challenge that I am creating that anyone can hop on board with…. I am still working out the details on this but have an idea brewing… if you are interested in knowing more – click on the challenge pic and leave a comment on the original post.  I will make sure you are notified when I reveal the idea.  😀

That’s it… the only other one I would like to be a part of is a Library Challenge but have not seen one yet although I have been told there is one out there.

How about you… up to any bookish challenges for 2012?

28 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Its Time For The Challenges

  1. HI there! I have a Kindle app and a Nook app on my andriod phone both have over 120 books on each. My goal is to try and read more books in each before I keep adding on more books. LOL! Seriously, I want to try and read more in the New Year. too many books and yet so little time.

    • Hey Millie – actually me too… my post going up later today has a list of the books I read in 2011 and I was actually a bit surprised as audio trumped books. I dont mind that and expected it – but was a little surprised at my book count… I thought it would be more. 😀

  2. Wow, you picked some good ones! I did an e-book challenge last year, and surprised myself by reading 28 e-books. Reading on Sparky, my Kindle, was more fun than I expected.

    I’m thinking about the dystopian challenge…but I’ve already signed up for five challenges…hmm. So much to ponder!

    Good luck!

  3. I’m just going for the British Books Challenge 2012 as I know it’s one I can complete! I might enter some mini challenges too as they crop up throughout the year.

    All the best for 2012! 🙂

  4. I am also doing a Dystopia challenge and your Where Are You Reading? You’ve got a great list of challenges for the new year!

  5. Time does fly past doesn’t it. I still haven’t finished my favorites of 2012 post. I wasn’t going to join the audio book challenge this year because it’s a given I’ll listen to heaps of them… but then I decided I like the social aspect of it so I’m joining again.

  6. I didn’t participate in many challenges in 2011, something I plan to remedy in 2012. I especially want to take part in the Audiobook challenge – especially now that I feel like I too am betrothed to my audiobooks!

    Have a happy New Year, Sheila!

  7. I’ve been absolutely terrible at keeping up with challenges this year, so I’m not going to be joining many in 2012. Good luck with your challenges!

  8. I am trying to limit myself to only 10 challenges in 2012. I am doing the ebook challenge too since I got a Kindle this past summer (aiming for the CD level also). I am also doing the Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge. I may have to look into that audiobook challenge. I don’t listen to audio that often though I do have an Audible membership.

    The library challenge I am doing is hosted by The Eclectic Bookshelf. It has four different levels with the highest being 37+ library books and you can count books you download on audio too 🙂

    • In the last year and a half I have really fallen in love with audio, with audio I can multi task “read” while cleaning or cooking…. 😀

      OOH and thank you for the Library Challenge – I needed that one! I need to love on my library!

  9. I’m not going to be committing to any book challenges in 2012. My schedule is packed and it has been difficult enough for me to find time to read. I think I’m just going to read whatever I fancy in the moment and focus on that. For now. Although in the summer, I can see myself possibly tackling a challenge if time permits (or maybe even creating one of my own!). Enjoy you reading. I’m sure you will have fun embarking on all of these challenges. They look fantastic!

  10. I’m trying to be good and not go overboard with challenges next year, as I have the bad habit of signing up for too many! Planning on limiting myself to the Goodreads challenge the What’s In A Name challenge, but you never know! I surprised myself by reading 38 eBooks in 2011, so maybe I’ll sign up for that challenge again. They’re so hard to resist! *L*

  11. We have entered most of the same challenges. I have cut way back this year, trying for the ones that will really challenge me. Best of luck in all your challenges.

  12. I am not quite sure yet how many challenges to take part in. Until now I have joined your Where are you reading challenge and 2012 sci-fi challenge.
    I am quite sure I will join the 2012 ebook challenge as most of my books are ebook.
    The BBC British Book Challenge looks interesting but I am not sure.
    I will need to get out on the net and see if there are other interesting challenges. Looking so forward to it.

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