Read Dystopia Challenge 2012

First of all a little disclaimer.  I have been working on putting this post together for a while now and did not know there was already a Dystopia 2012 Challenge already going on.  Bookish Ardour has one happening that looks like a lot of fun and by no means is this one to take away from that one.  In fact, theres looks to be at a whole different level than this one so please feel free to check them out and sign up there if that is more to your liking, or feel free to do both.  😛

That said, the reason I wanted to go ahead and run this one anyway, is that I am fairly new to dystopia. 


an imaginary place where the conditions and quality of life are unpleasant. The opposite of Utopia.

dystopia – a work of fiction describing an imaginary place where life is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror

Honestly, this is a genre I did not think I would get into, but now looking back over this past year I am surprised as to what books I have read and loved that I would say fall under this genre.  My hope with this challenge is to maybe pick up some of you newbies that think that this is not a genre for you.  You (as I) may be surprised. 
I have compiled a list here of books that fall under this genre.  Please check it out and know this is not conclusive by no means, this list is to just help you get a feel for what Dystopia is, and feel free to let me know of other titles that should be on the list.
This challenge will go from January 1 – December 31.  I will put up a bi-monthly link for you to link an update post too as to how you are doing with this challenge and thoughts and feelings on the genre.  Those participating here on the full challenge and who link to the bi-monthly challenge will go into a drawing for a dystopian novel (TBA with bi-monthly post) that will be sent to any USA address.  If you are participating and are out of the US I will connect any winner to a $10 gift card through Amazon. 
At the end of the year you will earn badges by how many dystopian books you read (or listened to!) over the year.  Also, at the bi-monthly link ups, a question will be posted for your update, something like, what did you learn about survival in the dystopia books you have read these past two months?  Something just for fun.  😀

1-3 Dytstopia Books read in 2012:  beginner

4-6 Dystopia Books read in 2012:  Intermediate Post World Trainee

7-10 Dystopia Books read in 2012:  Leader of Your District

11+ Dystopia Books read in 2012:  SURVIVOR!

To sign up please add the link to your blog or challenge post here.  Feel free to grab the button from above and add it to your sidebar. 

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33 thoughts on “Read Dystopia Challenge 2012

  1. I am up for the challenge….but what exactly is it??

    I have read several Dystopian novels and liked, or loved, them. 😀

    Here are 2 that I did not see on the list:

    Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee (the second in the series will be coming out in September of 2012 I think)
    Precisely Terminated by Amanda L. Davis (she is writing the second one now as well)
    These are also Christian fiction writers I think.

    1. HI Candi, its just a challenge to encourage book lovers to dabble in the Dystopia challenge this year – I just added levels to this post.

      You are right, Forbidden would qualify! I have not heard of the other but I will add them. Thanks 🙂

  2. Oh Ok. So basically just read books that are Dystopian? got it. I can re-read Forbidden and The Hunger Games trilogy a thousand times!!!! 😀 haha.

    And you’re welcome.

    I’m in between 4-6 or 7+! I know I’ll read at least 5 or 6

  3. I never heard of Dystopia. But I googled and turned out I have read some of it 😉 But will not join in for I already taken part of many challenges. Then I will not manage to fulfill them all 🙂 But like the idea and will put it on the list.
    Good Luck!

  4. i am going to join in this one – I had already planned to read 12 books for a personal challenge anyway. I will do the post on my blog and then come back and sign up with mr linky 🙂

  5. This is so my challenge. I love reading depressing books, not that all dystopia books are depressing, they just tend that way. I think I’ll start beginnings, anything else kind of scares me.

      1. Hmmmm… let see you are wordpress so that helps me 😀 You save the button just like you save a picture to your picture files- then when you put it into your post you out the URL of either your blog, or my post – whatever you want to do.

        If you are talking about putting it on your sidebar, thats a bit trickier. Let me know – I have written out the instructions before for other wordpress users and I can find them and send them to you – its not hard – just a few steps to get used to 🙂

  6. I would like to join your challenge, but it says I could only do that until January 15th? Is it still possibly maybe I can still link up? Let me know, I would like to be part of it 🙂 Thanks!

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