Morning Meanderings… Voice Texting Can Be… AWKWARD

A late good morning to you!  😀

I got up this morning, putzed around a bit on Facebook, read emails, and did not have time before church to write my post.  Now home, I have shopped for dinner, started a roast with vegies in the crock pot, straightened up the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee…

AND NOW…. I get to write a bit and read a bit.  😀

Have you head of and/or used voice texting?  I love it.  Seriously I think it is my favorite part of my new phone.  I can talk into my messaging and wala, there it is in print, I hit send and off it goes!  No more trying to text quick messages at stop lights:

“I am on my way.”

“Do we need milk at home?”

“Stuck in traffic”

As much as I RAVE about voice texting, it is important to take time to proof what you have said before you hit send.  Occasionally, it hears you wrong.  😯

For instance, for mid December in Minnesota, the weather fairy has been exceptionally kind to us.  Yesterday afternoon it hit almost 30 degrees.  My friend Heidi and I decided to take a walk on the bike trail.  I text my husband this information and hit send.  What I meant to say was “going to go and take a walk with Heidi, be home later.”

What I actually sent was, “Going to go and pick a lock with Heidi, be home later.”


 My hubby Al, said nothing on my apparent confession to breaking the law.  Well, what can I say… times are tough all over.  😛

In bookish news, I am currently in Pennsylvania with Miranda and her family dealing with the aftermath of the meteor hitting the moon.  The sky is now gray from the volcano ash and things do not seem to be getting any better soon (Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer).  I am also hanging out today with Jane Lynch today in the late 70’s while she is cruising in a car with her sister and the “cool girls” (Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch). 

Oh and the walk yesterday…. added 340 calories lost to my pathetic kick off to the 20,000 calorie challenge… 😀

Current total:  1,340 calories burned

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Voice Texting Can Be… AWKWARD

  1. Love the voice texting idea…I am very slow at regular texting, due to the small keyboard…even on the bigger phones. Love the computer keyboard!

    I think I’d like to read the Jane Lynch book.

    Enjoy your pot roast, which sounds so yummy! Comfort food.

  2. That is hilarious about the voice texting! i can only imagine the potential for mistaken texts. Like “damn you auto correct,” I can imagine the potential for this. I don’t think I have this on my BlackBerry but I am hoping to get an iphone when my plan is up (this week!) so we’ll see.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Lol, that’s too funny Sheila. I could see that happening to me. I haven’t heard of the voice texting yet. I wonder if we’ve got those phones here yet. Inquiring minds may have to check.

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