18 thoughts on “2012 Where Are You Reading Challenge

  1. Hi Sheila,

    I would like to give the challenge Where Are You Reading a try. I tried to copy the icon. It wouldn’t come with me. Don’t see a sign up sheet. I know it’s here. Maybe this challenge is a little too much for me to chew. Maybe I need to wait one more year. Well, have a good day meandering about today.

    1. Hi Tea,

      The link to the challenge is in the above post. To grab the picture you need to save it to your picture files then you can pull it out and use it on your own blog. It is where it says “See details and sign up here”. Hope that helps πŸ˜€

  2. How many states did you cover-I will link up my challenge-I did not hit many states-but I sure read a lot of books set in France.

    1. I have not done a recap yet Esme, but did not get them all… I found it interesting to see where many books are set. I will do a recap n a couple weeks here… still reading for 2011, excited to see how I do!

      I have this set up better for 2012 so those who participate can see where others are reading better and maybe see a book they would like to read in a state they are missing.

      1. I found it interesting to see where my books where located-many books are set in California or NY-I think that is an easy location, what else was interesting was where my books set in foreign locations are and how many foreign located books I chose. If I was organized I would see if they are by foreign or American authors.

  3. I so thought I posted a comment yesterday when I submitted the challenge, I guess not. I counted thing up yesterday and I missed 7 states. I had trouble with books that weren’t real clear on where they were or that I forgot to put on the map right after I read them and then couldn’t remember if they had said where they were. So many seem to happen in New York, CA, PA and NJ though. I don’t know if that was based on what I picked to read or if that is the case for books in general. Thanks for hosting it again, maybe this year I’ll get all 50 (probably not though since I am such a scattered reader!).

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