Morning Meanderings…. Honduras Day 4

Good morning.  It is 6:00 am  here in La Esperanza Honduras.  For some reason I constantly wake up early here.  It may be the sounds of the trucks outside or maybe the rooster….

Yesterday was a good day.  We went back to the church and painted class rooms and classroom doors.  We only had until noon so we did what we could but it was fun and they looked nice. 

In the afternoon after lunch, we drove up into a rehab center up in the mountains.  This is a rare thing for Honduras and functions almost like an AA or a Celebrate Recovery program.  It was amazing to see what was being done in this area.

After that we returned to Rosi’s house to try some traditional Honduras food,a drink made out of corn that we drink out of fruit shells.  She served us big bowls and at first it is pretty good.  It is made out of mashed boiled corn, cinnamon, sugar, and I think milk.  It is good, but quickly thickens and as it cools has a stronger corn taste that I could not finish.

Going in to try the corn drink

Trying the corn potato thing in a husk
Trying the corn potato thing in a husk

And its in my mouth!

Score one for team Minnesota!!!! I did it!

The team was pretty hilarious drinking it, some loved some did not.  Dima (from Ukraine) couldn’t drink his at all but once Mark finished it for him he wanted his picture taken of him “finishing: it.

Dima: Big faker

Dinner was pretty phenomenal and not at all what you would expect to eat in this area.  We ate at a pretty nice restaurant and the meat was so delicious.  This was our last evening in La Esperanza.

Today we will travel back towards Tegucigalpa and stay in the Mission House tonight and tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will travel to see past areas we have worked in which is the opposite direction of where we are now.

It has been a good trip so far. 

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Honduras Day 4

  1. The corn wasn’t fermented, I hope. 😀 I’m glad you’re having a fun and productive time in Honduras. It’s a very special thing you do going there each year to work. Did you thank the rooster for waking you up so early?

  2. In theory the corn drink doesn’t sound that bad, but I know that reality can be far from theory oftentimes. 🙂 I’m glad things are going well for you!

  3. I’d love the opportunity to travel to far away places and eat/drink strange to me things. Love the expression on Dima’s face as he pretends to drink! Does he know you tattled on him? LOL!

    I hope your trip continues to be productive and fun!

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