Danielle Sharing The Books She LOVED This Year

First of all, thank you so much Sheila for thinking of me to guest post while you’re away having fun in Honduras! I’ve been a reader of Sheila’s site since around the same time I started book blogging about two years ago and I love her site. One of the aspects of book blogging I love the very most is the community and how welcoming everyone is, Sheila is no exception to this. Her “Monday Reading” feature is something I participate in weekly and have met so many wonderful readers thanks to it.

At my site, There’s A Book, I review primarily Children’s books though I also review women’s fiction at Chick Lit Reviews and News. So, in a break from Sheila’s normally talked about books I thought I’d share my Top Five favorite picture books this year! (Click on the links to be taken to my review or Goodreads.)

Pirate vs. Pirate by Mary Quattlebaum – Argh! Do you have a little pirate in your midst? This book is not only perfect for pirate fans, but gorgeously illustrated and written. Not only that, but it has a wonderful message of the importance of looking for the best in others. An absolute favorite of ours!

I Broke My Trunk! by Mo Willems – This is most likely my kiddos favorite series of picture books, there are currently around 15 in the series and they love every one of them. Mo Willems knows how to write so that both children and adults love reading and re-reading his books. Elephant and Piggie are two best friends who have “typical” problems with very silly solutions. I promise you’ll laugh hysterically while reading any of the books in this series.

The Scar by Charlotte Moundlic – Beautiful. Gorgeous. Heartbreaking. Needed. These are only a few of the words I’d use to describe this incredible book about a little boy who has lost his mom. It’s something that’s not always talked about in picture books, but it’s needed and so well done in this heartbreaking tale. Love this book.

Big Bouffant by Kate Hosford – A delightful book about individuality and teaching children the importance of being comfortable with who they truly are. This is a story about a little girl who wants to be different from all the other little girls and does so with an adorable hairdo. It’s fantastic and the illustrations by Holly Clifton-Brown are wonderful!

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen – I can’t talk enough about this book. It’s most likely our family’s favorite picture book this year, maybe ever (though Interrupting Chicken is a close runner-up/tie). The humor is dry and perfect for adults, but the moral of the story isn’t lost on children – honesty. This is a book I’d encourage to everyone, not just children, it’s going to be a Classic I’m positive.

To be honest, this list is a bit insane. How could I ever narrow down my favorite picture books? There are so many more I’m leaving off and I hope you’ll stop by There’s A Book to discover more great books, no matter if you have a kiddo in your life or not. I should also mention that it’s International Picture Book Month!

Thank you again Sheila! I hope you have a fantastic trip and we’ll be looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you return.

– Danielle aka The1stdaughter

*Note from Sheila:  If you have not spent any time on Danielle’s blog – you must!  True I do not read a lot of Grade School reads, but she also has Middle Grade, and YA, both genres I enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Danielle Sharing The Books She LOVED This Year

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorites, Danielle. I love picture books, but haven’t had much of an opportunity to peruse them lately, since my grandchildren are all past that stage.

    I took a course in children’s literature in college, and really enjoyed the Caldecott award-winning books.

  2. Love “There’s A Book”! I get so many gift ideas for my grandkids from Danielle. I hate to admit it, but I usually just lurk. I need to start showing her some blog love via comments.

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