Morning Meanderings…. Recovery (ing)

Good morning.

As you probably can imagine from yesterdays post that I am beyond heartbroken over the loss of our pet (friend, companion) Elmo.  I get that this is going to be a slow process, I knew someday I would be writing the post that I did, but I did not anticipate this level of pain.

Yesterday was a busy day which was probably a good thing.  I am going to Honduras on November 5 – November 11 and two of the guys on the team are from the Ukraine.  Dima is 28 and a Pastor in the Ukraine and he is here for the first time in the United States staying with our Pastor through Thanksgiving who met him many years ago when he was in Ukraine on a mission trip.  Dima speaks little english.  Boris is 25 and Dima’s interpreter. Yesterday I took both of them in to get their shots for the Honduras trip.  It was kind of fun (and a great distraction from life) to go and assist them with the paperwork.  They say our hospital is nothing like the hospitals in Ukraine.

They are both extremely nice and I am excited to see them on this Honduras trip with us. 

Today I work (also good) and tonight I have dinner with friends for a long overdue baby shower get together.  (also good).

I have reviews to post and books to read and while life is difficult right now to say the least, I know that I need to move ahead.  Thank you all who sent kind words… while its hard for me to talk about, I really do appreciate every comment and it means the world to me to have all your kind support.

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  1. {{hugs}} I’m so sorry…

    Distraction is a good thing, and I am already looking forward to hearing about your next trip to Honduras. 🙂

    Take care, my friend!

  2. I’m so sorry about your pup Shelia. I couldn’t comment on your post yesterday because it just made me too sad. Big hugs!

  3. I empathize so much with the pain! Sending many hugs!

  4. I think you’re on the right track…turning your attention to other things, especially things that bring joy to your life: helping others.

    Have a wonderful time getting ready for your trip!

  5. Yeah, it will take awhile. And yes, I think being busy yesterday was just what you needed. It will get better, at some point.

  6. Distractions are good. And going to Honduras is amazing. Hang in there Sheila.

  7. Sheila, my condolences on Elmo. That kind of loss is a hard one. Do take care.

  8. I couldn’t get on the internet yesterday and was frustrated not knowing how Elmo was. Now that I know, I’m very sad for you, Sheila. Staying busy is best of course and being with friends, but having said that, be very good to yourself too. You need time to grieve.

  9. Staying as busy as you can right now is probably the best thing for you. But in the down times, know that we are sending you our love and prayers. I hope that is at least a small comfort to you.

  10. Hang in there Sheila. Time makes the pain hurt less, but we never forget. And I love the thought of meeting up with all my furbabies again at the Rainbow Bridge. *hugs*

  11. Now you’ve got me curious about what the hospitals are like in the Ukraine. I’m glad you’ve got some good things to keep you busy during this tough time.

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