Morning Meanderings…. Embarassing Confessions

Morning 😀

Ok…. here goes.  SO yesterday Morning I posted about my book review due to the Her Voice magazine by October 5th and what could I be reading and reviewing under the Christmas/Holiday genre they requested of me…

well the answer is….

Nil, zero, naught/nought, zilch, zip, nada, diddly-squat, squat

I tried… I really did.  Christmas style reads are really not my thing… they tend to be too light, too fluffy, too neat, and so sugary sweet sweet sweet that  you want to throw up a bit in your mouth.  (sorry about the graphic visual there, but that’s the way I feel).  My books need meat…

So I tried… I posted for suggestions and you gave them to me and still nothing hit what I was looking for.  I wanted an author that was new or little known… I wanted a book that had a Christmas story, but had action as well.  And I wanted it to be a pleasant surprise that I could honestly say, “curl up with a blanket this winter and enjoy this read!”

But… with a deadline hovering… I still had nothing.

Desperate times….

I went to our local book store today and gathered the two employees working and told them my story.  I told them I wanted different, I wanted exciting, I wanted….

well… we all searched the store for “the book” and time and again they would walk up to me with a book I would turn down.  Then, the bookoligist (my word), came running down the rows of books yelling, “organ transplant!  Organ transplant!”

I asked her if she has tourette’s. 

No, she had a book… and while it is a Christmas read… I think it may have potential.  The book is:

Nora Peterson’s twins are seniors in high school and she has planned the perfect Christmas for them. Christi and Charlie are fraternal twins with the invisible bond that many twins experience. Christi is budding artist and during this holiday season Charlie is playing one of Santa’s elves. The holiday season is moving perfectly until a tragic accident shakes the Peterson’s home and threatens to overwhelm them.

Jenna Montgomery is a single mother who works as an emergency room nurse. This Christmas season she only has one wish, finding her daughter a new heart. Jenna’s daughter Heather has been living with a weak heart and becomes weaker each passing day…

So this is my read for the next day – digging in last night and continuing today… as time is a ticking…. 

In other crazy news… I messed with my new Smart Phone (1st smart phone experience) yesterday and somehow lost how to answer it.  It rang and rang, and all I could do was go to call logs, see who called me and then call them back.  GAH. 

I wasnt around a lot yesterday and probably the same today with the review hanging over my head… but I do have an audio review coming up today!

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Embarassing Confessions

  1. Oh, I do think this one sounds like your kind of read! Bravo!! Embarrassing moment averted.

    And I had to laugh about the phone…that happened to me, too. And it was very simple. Of course, one of my grandkids had to show me! LOL

  2. Such a funny story about your bookstore search. And asking the bookologist if she had Tourettes was the perfect line. (Sorry, folks, I don’t mean to demean people who actually have the disease.)

    Good luck on your Christmas book review, and figuring out how to answer your new toy.

    1. Thanks for saying that Barbara, I certainly stand by the same comment – I do not mean offense to anyone who has tourettes.

      Thanks about the book – I am hoping (HOPING HOPING) it will be a good ad fast read.

  3. This definitely sounds like something right up your alley. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it! I’m starting to think of books for Christmas reading, so I might add this to the list.

  4. You know what’s funny – One Perfect Day is one of the only Christmas novels I have read in many years (I can only think of one other and it was a novella that was saccharine sappy). This one is not too bad – although I don’t remember much about it one way or the other, so at least it wasn’t a bad read (because I would totally remember that).

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