Morning Meanderings… A Peek Into Pottermore

Good morning.  😛

We are having some nice weather here in Minnesota.

I had a busy Wednesday so had no reading time whatsoever running from one commitment to another… however, once home,  I cuddled up in my blanky, put on the recording of Survivor, and played a little Pottermore on line. 

I know I am revealing my level of Harry Potter geekiness here but… so be it, it’s POTTERMORE and I just received my letter of entry a few days ago.  I wont go into a ton of detail but let me just say – wow.  The story opens into chapters, you look for clues to collect in your trunk as well as ingredients for potions which is cool…

BUT – coolest of all is that J K Rowling reveals back stories on the characters the places, from character names, to addresses…. all great stuff for the Potterheads out there like me.  😀

Yes, it is still banned book week and I have another clue for you! 

Clue holder:  Meredith from Wandering In The Stacks shares her review of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


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  1. I got into Pottermore last weekend and had the chance to look around and get sorted (I’m in Ravenclaw) but after awhile, the site kept booting me out because there are too many people trying to access it at once. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed soon. What I saw was really neat but I kind of wish she’d written a guide to the world of Harry Potter instead.

  2. POTTERMORE!! I finally got my e-mail earlier this week. As silly as it sounds, I couldn’t wait to be sorted (and was a bit surprised to become a Slytherin). But, still. AHHH POTTERMORE.

  3. Isn’t Pottermore amazing so far? (aside from the getting kiciked out thing-it’s still a Beta though, so those things will get fixed when they officially open the site 🙂 My fiancee and I share his account right now, and then I’ll get my own when they open it for everyone. I love it already, though. All the extra information is amazing!

  4. Deadheads I’ve heard of and I’m a sort of Deadhead, but Potterheads? I think that’s not my generation. 😀

  5. Okay, I probably won’t be getting into Pottermore anytime soon, since I haven’t read the books. And I probably won’t.

    But I’m excited for you, since you obviously love the series.

    I do admire J. K. Rowling, though, and loved the interview she did with Oprah a few months ago.

    Just hopped over to read Meredith’s review of In Cold Blood…now that was a chilling book!

  6. I’m curious – did you think you would sort into Ravenclaw before you did? Because I really thought you’d be Gryffindor! 😀

  7. I can’t wait to get into Pottermore. It will be interesting to see what house I’m in.

  8. I still haven’t read the books so I won’t be trying to get into Pottermore. Hope you stop getting booted out!

  9. I love Pottermore! It’s sooo amazing! 🙂

    I’m in Hufflepuff (LightDawn67) – I originally thought I would be in Ravenclaw, but a few days before I got my welcome email, I found out that the food they served were mostly recipes from Helga Hufflepuff.

    I’m busy brewing an awakening potion right now!

    • LOL – I have a potion to check on… I hope they dont go bad – I made it and it said to come back in 8 hours. That was last night and I have not been back since so now it has been about 16 hours 😛

  10. Pottermore sounds great, it’s just a pity I haven’t yet read any of the Harry Potter books!

  11. I am guessing that Pottermore is a game of sorts? I am not too savy with online type games.

    • sort of… its the books broke down into sections and you look for things within the screen shot which unlocks unknown facts about the books as well as treasures to make potions which I guess we may need later on… you can practice spells and potions and earn house points which is kind of cool as we are broken into houses just like in the books.

  12. I keep checking back but registration is still closed. It says October so hopefully soon!

  13. Thanks for some more Pottermore info. I still haven’t decided if I want to get into that, or if it’ll just turn into a giant time-suck 🙂

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