BBAW – How Do I Do Community?

Life as a book blogger is not always easy.

I have a job that while it is only 25 hours a week, I spend a night or two a week volunteering, I have a mandatory dinner date once a month with a group of girls I used to work with, I have an amazing book club of 14 strong that I meet with every month for in-depth book discussion, writing a book,  I try (TRY) to work out by bike riding rollerblading and classes at the gym, I am in a weekly study group, plan special events, spend the weekend with my hubby or traveling to nearby towns and festivals with friends… oh yeah…. and I read.  😛


Uhhh….. Sheila…. what does that have to do with the Book Blogging Community?


Well actually a lot.  By what I said above I think we can all agree I am a community girl.  I love love love getting in and trying new things, supporting great causes, meeting new people… and yeah – all of that takes time. 

Knowing all of this about me…. the Book Blogging Community is also so important to me.


But ummmm…. why?  You have so much going on?  Why care?  Why do it?


Well that is the beauty of the book blogging community.  Back when I felt like a lone reader (pre-blogging), I had people I could occasionally talk books with, but certainly not on a daily basis.  When I discovered book blogging, and that there are so many others like me…. seriously….. book lover heaven.  There is no other way to describe it. 

Yes – yes the early years were crazy (early years… ha!  Who am I kidding… I am three years in and it is still crazy!  :razz:)  I started out wanting to find book lovers who read what I liked to read, and yeah that worked…


I think the real community began when I started reading blogs and bookish topics that were not necessarily my genre, but I liked what they were saying….  and suddenly all sorts of great book blogs entered into my life and I was reading books I would have never thought to read….   and loving them… I had to read every post these bloggers wrote and I loved “comment chatting” it up with them and boy… did my book tastes open up to a whole new world. 



How do I keep up with it?  Well…. I enjoy it so I make time.  I try to comment on at least 10 blogs a day.  That usually comes easy as I my wind down time is usually seeing what others are reading anyway…  I recommend that if you are still trying to find your “community piece” of the blog world make sure you are commenting.  Conversations begin, and by the time I went to BEA in 2010…. the book bloggers I had connected with on-line were already like friends.  Meeting them in person was not awkward at all.  Seems to me that from my experience, book bloggers are pretty real people and I did not meet anyone that seemed different than who they were on their blog and in the blogesphere. 


SO … three years in I can say I have slowed down on the commenting but certainly not because I want too… just lack of time.  I love meeting new book lovers and I really get my fix through the Monday What Are You Reading meme.  Chatting books is a passion of mine and you – all of you who read and comment… you make my day.  SERIOUSLY.  I come home to comments and they make me smile, and occasionally laugh out loud.


You stretch me.  I love it!  My life since June 9, 2009 … when I first discovered book blogging…. has never been the same and I do not regret a minute of it.  I look forward to my time to unwind and catch up on the book world.  Thank you…. thank you…. to me, you are what makes book blogging so pleasurable. 

(*Note comments on this post will be entered into my BBAW drawing for today discussed in my morning post directly below this one.  😀 )

Thank you


58 thoughts on “BBAW – How Do I Do Community?

  1. It makes me tired just reading your posts about all you do! And as far as community, your blog such a big part of many bloggers daily online time. I’ve been reading your Morning Meanderings from the start and look forward to it every day!

  2. Commenting as a way of getting to know people seems like such an obvious (and simple) thing to do, yet it can be one of the hardest. I’m still relatively new to book blogging, yet I have been blogging elsewhere on other topics since 2001. I would read posts and others’ comments, but in the beginning, was far too shy/intimidated to leave my own. Once I finally decided to open up a bit, I discovered a whole new world and met some of my very best friends.

    The sense of community is a huge one for me. Not many of my irl friends are into reading and those that are read books that really aren’t my thing. Online I’m able to connect with people who love the same authors/books/genres I do and I’ve discovered so many new & wonderful books through them.

    1. & I’m slightly jealous you’re a member of a book club! I’d love to find one near me. I work in a bookshop & every once in a while a customer will stop by and need help looking for some recommendations/their club’s current book. It seems so fun.

  3. WOW!! You are a busy busy lady!! That’s what makes it so much fun to read your blog. There is always something new and exciting to hear about.

    Keep up the good work we all appreciate it.

  4. I completely agree about commenting being the way into the community. Before I actually discovered the Book Blogging Community (through Book Blogs.ning and bloggers like you!), I had had a taste of an online community through Amazon.

    Nowadays, that community is practically nonexistent, but for awhile, our profiles on Amazon included our “Amazon friends,” whom we could visit and where we could comment on their reviews easily.

    Not to digress….but that little nibble of community life primed me for the Book Blogging community. And while I’m not anywhere near the community person you are, I am enjoying the connections.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I remember the ning community… does it exist anymore? I never get there.

      I made connections through ning that still hold today, you, Sharon (Garden of Books, and Ryan (Wordsmithonia) I friended there and we all still communicate – I love that!

  5. “…the book bloggers I had connected with on-line were already like friends. Meeting them in person was not awkward at all.” I have had the same experience, and I love it!

    I’ve been falling down on the commenting for a while (till this week!) – I may need to try setting a daily visit-and-comment goal like you’ve done. Seems like it works!

  6. Indeed you are a community girl and that’s why it’s so interesting to follow your Morning Meanderings – there’s always something interesting going on. 🙂

    I’m like you, I read books now that I would never have cnonsidered reading before. I’m loving it!

  7. You definitely hit the nail on the head. If you enjoy something, you’ll make time for it. This goes for reading in general and extends to blogging and commenting.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. i am not a blogger but i love hearing all your conversations ands esp love hearing of all the books that i never would have heard of!! i have thought sometimes of throwing my hat in the ring so to speak and trying a blog but deep down i know this isn’t my time
    so i content myself with reading all the blogs, writing down all the titles, occasionally commenting…and starting my day (after walking the pooch) with a diet coke and morning meanderings

  9. I enjoy reading your Morning Meanderings everyday! I get exhausted just thinking about all the things you do! lol I also love hearing about the books you are reading!

  10. I’ve been a changed woman ever since I discovered book blogging. It’s so much fun getting to meet new people and talk about one of my favorite topics! Glad you’ve enjoyed your journey. It seems like you put a positive spin on everything in your life. 🙂

  11. You and Sandy lead such busy lives! While I have very few hours in the day to do as I please because of work, I really only have a handful of things taking up my time: work, family, errr…that’s mainly it. The two of you have this laundry list of things you do! You are inspirations to us all. 🙂

  12. Haha I’m laughing at Carol’s Sarah Jessica Parker reference! You are super busy, though!! I always enjoy coming by your blog. You always have fun activities going on, and your tone is always uplifting! Keep it up! And it’s awesome that you commit to commenting. 🙂 I try, I really do, but I likely don’t achieve 10 blogs a day regularly. Now I have a new goal, though!

  13. Your blog has struck a chord with me and I love reading your daily posts. I have admit that I am not as good about commenting on other blogs as I’d like to be. It is a lack of time, I don’t even get a post up on my own blog every day. This summer I made a commitment to myself to try to make the time for the things that really help me feel like me and I am working towards little goals in blogging. My school year for teaching preschool just started so I have fallen a bit behind, but I am going to get balance one way or another!

  14. I love how you say you love blogging so you make the time even though your busy! So true, same for me. I have a lot going on but blogging gives me something in my life that I love so I make the time 🙂

  15. Goodness you’re busy! I totally agree about commenting. I love the discussions that spring up. I only wish there were a better way to keep track of all the places I comment so that I would remember to check back for replies!

  16. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. The comment, both leaving and getting, provides such a sense of community that you wouldn’t have just from reading and posting posts.

  17. I agree, commenting builds community with others. I think it is one of the best ways to build community and then the other stuff seems to extend from just commenting.

    Commenting is something that I have not been good at in the last few months. I am renewed now and plan to comment more frequently. I like your daily goal to comment on 10 blogs per day. I think i may make a goal similar to that.

  18. You are amazing with these giveaways! Count me in on this too please! Just got back from all my morning errands and can’t wait to actually sit down with a coffee now. Have a great day Sheila!

    1. Thanks Margaret, the book world, publishers, authors, have put so much in to my life with ARCS and books, I feel it is the least I can do to support them by giving away some of the books that I have come to love so others may too 😀

    1. Totally Jenners…. that is good advice too, have a life… dont take on too much in the blogging side as you will burn yourself out, get overwhelmed and wind up quitting. I had to learn balance too and that I could accept every book tour that I wanted too…. just not enough time 😀

    1. Exactly Amy! When I first went to BEA I was really nervous… meeting people I only knew from on line… was I insane? Then I recognized people from their blogs and seen they were just as real to me on line as they were in person and just as nice! 😛

  19. Like others have mentioned, I just don’t know how you do it all! Sometimes I’m exhausted after reading your daily schedule! *L*

    Your Morning Meanderings post is one of my favorites, so thank you for finding the time to post it every day. 🙂

  20. Hi
    Your life seems as chaotic as mine 🙂 I think this is my first visit to your blog and I’m glad I have found it courtesy #BBAW


  21. I have used the 10 comments a day strategy at times, particularly if I have gotten out of the habit of commenting and need to start up again!

  22. Oh, shoot, I was hoping to read about your “secrets” to how to fit more blogging into my life! I feel much as you do – I really enjoy the online conversations about books. And I agree – the key to community is personal and thoughtful comments.

    I just wish I had more time!


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