My BBAW Interview Swap with Lu from Regular Rumination

Today I am very excited to share with you my interview of the amazing Lu from Regular Rumination. 

I admit I did not know Lu’s blog prior to her being linked to me for the interview exchanges but that is what is so great about this.  I immediately started stalking her blog which is pretty cool, and you must check it out.  😀

With no further yammering from me, please give a warm welcome to Lu.

I’m Lu (short for Lulu), no that’s not my real name, but there are people in real life who have been calling me that since I was 7 or so.  I’m a 20-something reader who wants to talk about her books with other people who think sleeping is overrated when compared to how many books you could read if sleeping was optional.

I started my blog so I could have a place to write and ramble about all the books I’m reading. I read pretty much anything and everything and if you tell me it’s good, I’m bound to give it a try. That doesn’t mean I like everything I read, because I definitely don’t. Reading and writing have been a passion of mine for a long time.

1.  How long have you been blogging and what influenced you to start a blog?

I’ve been book blogging for almost three (three?!) years now! I started my blog back when I was in college, home from winter break, and totally bored out of my mind because I had nothing to read. I decided to go to the library, but was suddenly overwhelmed with choices! Oddly I wasn’t a library user really before that winter break, since I had a horrible habit of forgetting to bring the books back, especially since I didn’t have a car. But in college, I could walk to the library, so I started using it more and more. Anyway, that winter break I was googling book reviews and stumbled across a book blog. It was definite an “I have found my people” moment. I had had a little sad craft blog that hadn’t gone anywhere and I realized it was because I wasn’t as passionate about it as I thought I was. Reading, however, was my life love. Book blogging and I just were meant to be! So I commented on all those blogs, wrote my first few reviews, and the rest is history.

2. What is your favorite part about Book Blogging?

For me, I love to be able to practice my writing. I love to write and blogging is just another way to work on it. But I think the best thing about book blogging, and I think most people would agree with me here, are the relationships you form. I think it’s the most unexpected thing about book blogging. Suddenly you have all these people who you can call friends, despite never having met them in the “real world.” It’s a really remarkable thing. 

Lu and Margaret Atwood

3. Name a book that you found out about by reading another blog that really turned out to be a fantastic read?

There are so many of these! I think Neil Gaiman is the one I always talk about, because I don’t know that I ever would have found out about Neil Gaiman if hadn’t been for blogging. That seems so silly and impossible now, but I remember having to look up who he was when everyone was participating in the Dream King challenge when I first started blogging! I also have gotten back into reading YA, after years of thinking I was too old for it. Ha! Right. I have loved getting back in touch with all the novels I loved as a teen and discovering so many more I wish I had read then.

4. What book do you wish you could jump into the pages of and travel right along the story line with the characters?<

When I was younger, it would make my heart ache that the worlds I read about weren’t real. I wanted so badly to travel the countryside with Ella in Ella Enchanted or various planets with Meg in A Wrinkle in Time. Who hasn’t wished they could live in the world of Harry Potter for one day? Forever? I know I do. Or, goodness, any of Charles de Lint’s novels? I used to dream about living in that world.

Lu with Tim O'Brien

5. Over the next year what is one thing you hope to either implement, improve on,or change about your current blog or blogging?

Oh, lots of things. My blog never has been and never will be perfect. I’m a lazy blogger. I often forget to write reviews or to update information. I’d like to do better with things like that. I also want to do better about finding new blogs. I feel like all the people I talk to regularly on my blog and on their blogs are people who I have been talking to for three years now. I love them, but I also wonder what I’m missing when I’m not looking for and reading new blogs. The book blogging community seems to have grown tenfold when I wasn’t looking, so I know there are great blogs out there that I haven’t found yet.<

6.  What advice would you give to a brand new book blogger?

BE YOURSELF. Find your voice and use it. Practically every blog has reviews, so you should do something to make it special. Talk about yourself, make it a little bit personal. Also, don’t be afraid to comment. Sometimes I still find myself lurking on blogs. Everyone loves a comment, no matter how intimidating they seem! Also, if someone comments on your blog, show them some love and visit their blogs once in a while. I know it can be hard, and it’s something I still work hard at, but it’s really the bread and butter of this community. But most of all, have fun. It’s a hobby and if you’re not having fun, it’s not worth it. That’s why we’re all here, to be nerdy, passionate book lovers, so let that shine through on your blog!



Thank you Lu for hanging out here today.  Readers, be sure to stop in and see Lu in her natural environment at Regular Rumination… and if you stop by her blog today and leave a comment on her interview with me, I will put you in for an extra entry for today’s giveaway book …. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.


Three chances to enter :

1.  My post this morning – leave a comment there

2.  Leave a comment on the interview here with Lu

3.  Go over to Lu’s blog and leave a comment on her interview with me

Winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

28 thoughts on “My BBAW Interview Swap with Lu from Regular Rumination

  1. Great interview, Sheila and Lu! I love how everyone has a similar story about finding their connections with others in the blogging community. I am still discovering new blogs when I participate in memes.

    Now I’m going over to check out Lu’s blog!

  2. Fun interview! Meeting new bloggers is definitely one of the best things about BBAW. And great advice. I’ve been a terrible non-commenting lurker lately but it’s something I definitely want to work on as well. Hope you both enjoy the rest of the week!

  3. I have a similar feeling about missing out on the new blogs that are out there. I always wonder what I’m missing. I’ve also been lurking more rather than commenting, but that’s because the blogging commitment is too much with the new baby, but I really like working with Lu on the Indie Lit Awards. Thanks for the great interview and another chance to win night circus.

  4. Love the interview with Lu! I am a Gifted Ed Teacher from North Carolina and I love YA Lit! I try to stay ahead of those little rascals in what’s new in book world, but it’s a serious challenge that I many times succumb to. Thanks for introducing us to her. I am going to check out her blog next. By the way, thanks for all the awesome book recommendations. I am burning my kindle up!!

  5. Aw awesome! Two blogs that I love and follow have found each other =P That’s great. And sleeping is totally overrated. I wish I could read in my dreams, occasionally, too, but that seldom ever happens.

  6. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous that Lu got to meet Margaret Atwood! I also stumbled across book blogs one day, lurked around them for a while, then started my own- and I’ve never looked back.

  7. Thanks so much for doing this interview with me Sheila! It seems like we have so many of the same blogging friends, I can’t believe that we haven’t crossed paths before now. In any case, I’m so glad we have 🙂

  8. Hey, I have been reading Lu’s blog for a bit now – on and off – so it is good to get to know her. Yes, I am lurker at her blog. Sorry Lu. Will try to change that up with a few comments over there.

  9. WooHoo for Neil Gaiman! He’s just so freaking wonderful, isn’t he? I participated in the Dream King Challenge too; one of my first blogging challenges.

  10. Ha, I had the same problems with the library when I started out! I’m definitely a library fan now, though. I always love hearing how people got their start in book blogging! And that’s perfect advice for new bloggers — I think everything else flows from that. Nice to learn a little more about Lu!

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