Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Michael Bennett is back in this 4th book in the Michael Bennett series.  While taking his ten (TEN!) adopted children to a seaside retreat with live in nanny Mary Katherine and (the hilarious and wise) Grandpa.

What Detective Michael Bennett had hoped for was a little r & r and perhaps exploring his growing feelings for Mary Katherine, he uncovered much more than he bargained for when a rash of bizarre crimes tear through the city, terrorizing  everyone who lives there .  So much for vacation…

When Michael is pulled away from the retreat to investigate the crimes, his family is left open for attack.  Working the case with attractive colleague FBI Agent Emily Parker, Michael finds himself questioning what the future may hold.  All the while the clock is ticking towards who is behind the odd murders that seem to be copy cats old famous crimes…




A couple of years ago when I started to embrace audio books – this series was one of my first audio experiences.  I know this is a Patterson book and I know some people struggle with his books and in some cases I agree, Patterson does have some gory graphic books out there.  This series is not one of them.  I think it is the touch of author Michael Ledwidge that gives this series its likability for me.

This series is centered around a detective, Michael Bennett who had adopted with his wife, 10 children.  As the series opens, Michael loses his wife to cancer and while adjusting to a life without her, maintaining a huge household, and maintaining a high-capacity job, I kind of fell in love with this family.

In this fourth in the series, I enjoyed the start of a possible relationship between Michael and Mary Katheryn and even the annoying presence of the attractive Emily…. tossed in for good measure.  The story line of the kids is always interesting and the crimes are usually good and not too graphic.


I found in Tick Tock the gore level was raised – not a lot, but enough for me to notice.  I could almost sense the shift from Ledwidge to Patterson.  While I still enjoyed this audio, it was probably the one I have enjoyed the least out of the series.

Will I continue with the next one when it comes out?  Absolutely… there is still more of this story to be told and I for one want to know what will happen. 

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The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading Map has been updated to include Tick Tock

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4 thoughts on “Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

    1. I do too Laurel – I think that is what makes this series different for me… the main character is not only a tough detective in New York, he is also a family man and taking care of his grandfather AND grieving his lost wife…

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