Morning Meanderings… Oh My GAH!

Good morning!

Excuse while I cough and cough and cough.


I have had a sinus infection since Saturday and it is getting old.


Seriously annoying…

With a big event on the schedule for tomorrow I need to have my A game on.


has anyone seen it?


On a completely Random note….. (because I don’t feel well…. it’s my blog and I feel like being random…)

Has anyone else been coveting this book?

I have adored this cover ever since I seen it and want to know more about the book.  How about you…. read it?  Want to?

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Yes…feel better…soon…I preordered Fury…I think it will be on my Kindle today…I just finished a book and cannot wait to start this one….

  3. Get better soon, Sheila. Being ill is OK if it’s no longer than 2 days. After that… bah!

    The book doesn’t interest me <- very direct Dutch answer to your question. But maybe after I read your review?

  4. That is an awesome cover! Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your days!

  5. Oh HATE HATE HATE sinus infections! I usually get one every year – what misery! I feel for you, and hope it clears soon!

    I love that cover! I have always loved redheads anyway!

  6. I hope your sinus infection is gone soon. Nothing worse than being sick like that. As for the book? Not for me, thanks.

  7. Sorry you are not feeling well.

  8. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Hope you feel better asap!

  10. I love the cover art of Fury too, but the description didn’t really get me. I thought I’d seen reviews going around some blogs I watch, but for the life of me I can’t remember where.

    Hope you feel better.

  11. Get well very soon.


  12. Hope you get well very soon. Yes, I have found that book very tantalizing!

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