Secrets Of Longevity by Dr. Moa Shing Ni

I think as we get uhhhh….. older….. many of us try to make healthier choices in our life style and in our diets.  Key word for m here is – TRY.  😛  However, I know first hand that when I do eat right and exercise I feel (and look) better. 

Books like this one fascinate me.  I love to read up on herbs and spices that burn more calories, or take away headaches, or seem to reduce risks of disease.  When I think about all the junk we have added to our diets the last 50 or so years (fast food, restaurant chains, anything fired and on a stick for serving purposes) it really is a no brainer that we have always had the ingredients and the tools to live healthier lives if we choose to do so. 


Secrest of Longevity in other languages

Secrets Of Longevity is written by Dr. Moa Shing Ni (a 38th generation doctor!).  The book is broke into easy to use chapters:

Chapter One:  What You Eat

Chapter Two: How You Heal

Chapter Three:  Where You Are (environment, ecology)

Chapter Four:  What You Do  (exercise, lifestyle)

Chapter Five:  Who You Are (relationships, faith)

Chapter Six:  Bringing It All Together

Each page is about a paragraph long with bits of information, some of which we know such as:

Smaller Meals four to five times a day

Eat Like a King by Day, a Pauper at night

but many I did not know…

Tea is the beverage most commonly drank by centenarians around the world.  The free radical property of tea is more potent than that of vitamin E, and the antioxidants ward off diabetes and cancer

Honey is better for you than table sugar – and a gauge soaked with honey can help in healing burns and wounds.

Olive Oil regulates blood pressure

Orange peel served in meat dishes lowers cholesterol

Drinking your celery (yup – in a blender) helps arthritis and lowers blood pressure

Ginseng increases energy and stamina and has been used bu China for 5,000 years

Angelica Root reduces menstrual pain, strengthens bones and releases menopause effects

Positions to sleep in to cure insomnia

I took away so much from this book, and will keep it handy for future reference.  Nothing in the book involved going out and buying expensive ingredients or equipment…. is in the book, is already in your home.

This review is part of Weekend Cooking hosted by Beth Fish Reads.  While I have no recipes to share – he tips in this book refer to healthy eating and drinking to enjoy a long, happy, healthy life.

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The 2011 WHERE are You Reading map has been updated to include Secrets of Longevity

I purchased this book in a small shop in Grand Marais MN

9 thoughts on “Secrets Of Longevity by Dr. Moa Shing Ni

  1. I already knew most of these, but never heard about drinking celery! I’ll have to try it. Wonder how it would work added to smoothies?

  2. Interesting about the tea. I didn’t start drinking tea until we went to the author’s tea at the mansion, but maybe that’s enough to give me a few more years of good health! By the way, did you read in the paper they have definitely decided to demolish the mansion and make it into a parking lot? How sad! Think of all that history that will never be seen again! 😦

  3. I love these kinds of books too. Coffee has more anti-oxidants than tea (or so I’ve read) so I’m good to go there! Plus I usually have a cup of tea in the afternoons, so I’m really covered!

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