Morning Meanderings: Good Bye Harry Potter VLOG Winner – This Is Awesome!

Good morning.  I have some awesome news – I Am Cast Free!  The Orthopedic Surgeon taped my fingers and thinks they will strengthen on their own.  I have a follow-up next week to see how it is healing so not completely out of the woods…. but I feel close 😀

Today I am excited to announce the winner of the Harry Potter VLOG contest I announced last week.  I wrote a song for Harry Potter and having no musical talent whatsoever, offered anyone who wanted to create a VLOG and sing my song I would enter them for a gift card … Danielle did just that and did it fantastic.  Don’t take my word for it – check out Danielle here:

Yay Danielle – you rocked this!!!

She even did a bonus song that you can listen to here.

Thanks again Danielle.  😀

In other news, great weekend… roller bladed on Sunday and went back to the gym on Monday.  Time to recover from this injury 😀

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  1. Well done Danielle.

    Great news that you have your cast off.


  2. Ah, that was awesome, Danielle…and Sheila, you have a future as a songwriter!

    Have a great cast-free day!

  3. Again, so happy for you about getting your cast removed! 😀

  4. Way to go Danielle!!!

    Sheila, I am happy for your good news. Let’s hope the next appointment is just as favourable.

    • I feel good about it Shirley – the doctor gave me no reason to worry, she felt the pain I was feeling was due to the fact that the cast was too tight. She thinks with me using it a little this week will help strengthen it 😀

  5. Danielle did an awesome job!

    Glad the cast is off Sheila! That has to got to feel great! Enjoy the freedom!

  6. Lovely to read you are now cast free!

  7. Woo hoo, great news on the removal of the cast!

    Danielle is awesome – if I could sing like that I would have entered too!

  8. I would have sang you a song but I’m waiting for you to write your ode to Peeps.

  9. Wooo almost cast free! That’s such good news 🙂

  10. Congratulations on being cast-free!

  11. Congrats to Danielle! Great songs!

    Congrats to you on the cast also – must be nice being free from it! And to have your hand back!

    I need to get myself in gear and get to the gym!

  12. Lovely voice and beautiful smile, Danielle.

  13. OMG I loved that!! I had to wait till I was home to listen to it. Great job, Danielle!! 🙂

  14. This is so great!!!! Love it!!

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