Morning Meanderings… Holy Hotness Batman!

Good morning!  😀

*Sipping coffee before it gets to hot out*

I was hanging out on Twitter last night and seen that all over the weather has kind of exploded into this sort of “hot fest”.  I really try hard not to complain about the heat as I am soooooo not a fan of winter that I just take whatever summer has to offer.


Isolated Thunderstorms

92° | 63°


Partly Cloudy

82° | 62°


Partly Cloudy

85° | 62°


Scattered Thunderstorms

80° | 60°

While our current temps do not look bad (Ryan from Wordsmithonia said they are on their 25th day of over 100 degree weather!), the humidity makes it feel like you are breathing in sauna air.  I go out on my deck with a book… last for about 5 minutes and come back in to the central air.  Only to try again and repeat later. 

I would love to go hang out at the lake, and should probably connect with friends and/or relatives who do live by the water.  I wont go to the beach as that is mainly families with kids – and 1) no kids at home, and 2) I wouldn’t get much reading done with the noises of the beach.  😛

What do you do to keep cool in the hot months of summer? 


28 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Holy Hotness Batman!

  1. Our heat index is about a hundred for the next four days at least. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool. Today we are checking out free children’s movies (nice and cool hopefully) and then playing in nearby fountains to beat the heat!

    1. That sounds like a great plan Jill! I will be in my office until early afternoon, then not sure what the plan is. I would love to go rollerblading but its just too warm by then.

      I may hit the gym instead.

  2. Since we live on top of a mountain, we’re better off than most as there is nearly always a breeze. But, there is usually a week or so in July or Aug. when we would kill for a breath of air and there isn’t any. That’s this week when our humidity is way up there with the temps. My COPD demands that I sit quietly in the coolest spot I can find so I’m catching up on reading. We don’t have air conditioning but I can often find someplace in the house that isn’t real bad.

  3. We are like Jill, with the heat index pushing our temps up into the triple digit range this week. I am not good with heat! I have been sticking to air conditioned buildings- movie theaters, the library, my home. Doing a lot of reading. I can’t wait for the temps to cool off and I can go back outside.

    Next week I am going “up north” – Michigan slang for the northern part of the state. I am hoping it is cooler there!

  4. This is funny, we have not had a hot summer-however I am a beach girl all the way-thankfully I am less than 15 minutes on the bike-although I know what you mean about families-I seem to attract them where they sit on my head-last week a kid’s frisbee landed on my head.

  5. We’re having a “cooling trend” here, with 95 today, with 97, 94, and 92 for the rest of the week. We’ve had a few 100 + days so far…but our worst year in recent history got up to 115 (2006). I took off for Santa Cruz that year, where my son had a resort. He sold it, though…sigh.

    But we’re only two and a half hours from the coast here. I’m thinking of doing that SOON.

  6. Your temperature looks pretty good to me! It’s like an oven outside here, so I pretty much spend the time inside. If I wasn’t allergic to wearing a bathing suit, I’d go to the pool.

  7. I saw that cartoon on FB earlier. 😀 And yeah, it’s been miserable — but my parents are on something like day 30 of 100+ degrees. Sure, their humidity isn’t as bad, but still. No fun.

  8. After the snowtastrophe we had last winter I said I wouldn’t complain no matter how hot it got this summer. So, I will enjoy the … ummm… 100F+ temps we have this week!

  9. Love the cartoon!! ha ha

    Yeah, it’s just horrible here – it’s been in the high 90’s for weeks and is supposed to go over 100 tomorrow….with horribly high humidity.

    I have barely left the house!! When I do leave, it’s just to run from one air-conditioned place to another…this kind of heat is just unbearable. I am really missing my outdoor time, though!

    I think I need a visit to the north woods and lakes of Minnesota! I know it seems hot to you, but highs in the 80’s sound positively chilly to me right now! ha ha


  10. Today was day 26th and I don’t think we are supposed to drop below 100 until maybe Sunday or Monday. But it will only be for a few days, before we go back up again.

    Love the cartoon by the way. As far as staying cool, my electric bill says it all.

  11. Here in the Netherlands it doesn’t stay hot for very long. We have short spells after which rain and cold. When it’s extremely hot, you only find me outside in the morning or evening. In between, I keep the windows and doors closed and the curtains shut where the sun comes in. We don’t have air conditioning (most people here don’t as it’s not worth it given the short heat spells).

    Hope it doesn’t stay hot and humid too long where you are!

  12. That’s nothing. 🙂 We’ve been in the 90s-100s all week with Air Quality alerts, which I had never heard of until this summer. I would like to go back to the 70s, but it’ll be a while. Until then, my air conditioner is getting a serious workout.

    1. Wow – air quality alerts? Be careful Kristen. I had to laugh when you said you would like to go back to the 70’s… for some reason my head went to the decade… and then on course to the 70’s show….LOL

      Must be the heat 😛

  13. We’ve had the cloudiest, coolest summer in years. Last week I was afraid I accidently slept for 2 months and woke up in October. However, the sun seems to be peeking its head out right now and may even stick around for the weekend (after a bit of rain tomorrow). So, I’m a little bit jealous of the heat wave everyone else is experiencing.

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