Morning Meanderings… Occasionally… This Happens

Good morning!

Yesterday was kind of fun for me.  It was my first real act as a Friend Of The Library.  When I went to my first meeting a couple of months ago they passed around a sign up sheet for the summer author “Brown Bag” events.  This program is that every Monday they would have a Minnesota author come into the library and share the story of his/her book with those who came to listen.  It is called “Brown Bag” because it is noon to one, over the lunch hour and people are offered to bring their lunch in during the discussion.  (*note for the record – only a few women brought lunch)

If you signed up to help host you showed up around 11 am and helped set the room up with chairs, make coffee, have cookies or some other treat as well and be available as people come in to fill things etc…

Yesterday was my debut as a host helper. 

The author was Laurie Hertzel, and not only is she an author(who won a 2011 Minnesota book award), she is also the book editor for the Minneapolis Star And Tribune.  I knew I wanted to help host this one.  😛

And this is where my post title comes in…

after Laurie comes in and starts talking about her book, about her journey to journalism, about the places she worked, places I knew… read a few exerts out of the book….

I knew then…

I had to read this book.

Not only did I have to read her book, News To Me – Adventures Of An Accidental Journalist

I knew I wanted to read right away…

So yeah… I waited in line after her talk, purchased a book and came home and started reading. 

Yes… I have other books going.

Yes… I have a book tour this week.

Yes when I posted what I was reading this week I had a full book load already…


the heart wants what the heart wants… 😛

I will share more later today about Laurie’s talk which to me as a hopeful writer, was inspiring.  I had hoped to have the book done so I could review it today but I am going to need at least one more day to finish. Instead I will give you this little taste:

In other news, I completed the 50 mile bike ride on Sunday in St Joseph Minnesota.  I was still wearing my cast and I did it anyway.  I had a great time with my friend Amy who rode this extremely humid/hot ride with no complaint.  I feel ready again. 

I have a doctor’s appointment Friday morning and if everything has gone well… I will be cast free by Friday noon.  😛

Bike Miles:  246

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Occasionally… This Happens

  1. Thanks for the book trailer, Sheila. I’m a former journalist and book columnist so I think perhaps I’ll relate to her story. Can’t believe you rode 50 miles in that heat and humidity, but congrats. Looking forward to your review tomorrow.

  2. being a ‘library friend’ sounds like it has great perks and makes me miss volunteering at my local branch. as for picking up hertzel’s book and dropping everything else, i’m familiar with that and did something similar last weekend at an indie book shop that was featuring a guest author. i bought the author’s book and put my others by the wayside. lol. wishing you luck with the cast situation–and biking with a cast? wow, you are determined.

    1. I think it can Natalie – unfortunately they only do the “brown bag” through the summer. I spoke to the Library Manager and asked her if they would consider doing it once a month Fall through Spring too… I told her I would help… I am going to bring it up at the next meeting.

  3. Awesome! I have Laurie’s book, which I won in a contest! What a story! How fortunate you were to be able to meet her in person. Sounds like being a friend of the library is going to be an awesome experience! I am so excited for her to have won that award too!

    Biking in a cast? I am surprised! Sounds like something my husband would do. 😛 Hoping for a free arm come Friday. Cheers!

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