Morning Meanderings… A New Queen and The Next Book Club Pick

Good Morning! 😀

Another lovely book event last night.  We had our annual Queen Event which is always a blast.  Every July we have a “free read” month.  We do not have a book we all discuss, instead we potluck together and share what we read and what we recommend.


and did I mention we dress up in fun dresses and choose a Bookies Queen?

Huh…. you think I would have mentioned that.  😛

Five years ago we read a book by Cassandra King called Same Sweet Girls and picked up a little idea from that book to do this event.  We thought it would be a fun one time thing…. dress up and choose a Queen…. instead it became an annual event.

So what does one do to be Queen? We give little speeches, or sing, or read a poem, any thing to encourage others to vote for us.  It’s really all in fun.  And the things we come up with…. well…. hilarious.

What does the Queen do?  The “Queen” breaks all book nomination ties.  If we vote on a book to read and come up with a tie, the Queen chooses the book.  Same with where to meet or special meetings.  She also becomes the proud owner of the crown, the scepter, and uh…. the royal throne ( a gold spray painted toilet).  😛

So last night we had a wonderful get together with food, and dresses…. we discussed what we have been reading and then we voted on our August book club read which will be:  The Devil In The White City by Erik Larson.   We also chose our classic read for October Classic month and the book that won is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (yup – never read it). 

We ended our evening with the vote and…. our past Queen Lori, called up the Queen and runner up…. Sharon and Amy…

Who will it be......
Congratulations Amy! Sharon is the runner-up and will fulfill the Queen duties when Amy is not available to do so.
The Bookies Queen, and Court 2011 -2012

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A New Queen and The Next Book Club Pick

  1. I totally love y’all and would give anything to be in your club! You look gorgeous in your white dress and I got a big kick out of how you decorated your cast!

  2. Your cast looks like a long formal glove, just one a la Michael Jackson. Very funny. I hope you all love Devil in the White City as much as I did. The World’s Fair in Chicago is fascinating for its women’s building and the White City, and this mystery is intense.

  3. That is such a fun tradition to have with your book group. Where do you get dresses, I never have an occasion to wear a fancy dress!

    1. I was going to Bedazzle until my friend (who has daughters) said that it actually punctures through. So I went with black rhinestone jewels and a hot gun 😀

      I bought another cast wrap at the medical store to cover the original one so as not to ruin the cast.

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