Morning Meanderings… BOOK CLUB…. The First Rule Of Book Club…

Good morning!  😀

If you visit here occasionally, often, frequently, mornings with your own coffee cup (kudos by the way for that!) then you probably know that I am always gushing about my book club.

If your newer here – hi, welcome, and I LOVE my book club.

Next month will be our ten-year anniversary.  We started in August of 2001 and we have grown in so many ways – in what we read,  how we do reviews, and how to keep it exciting and fun for our now group of 14.

We had our book club meeting on Tuesday (second Tuesdays…. 10 years of second Tuesdays!) and not only was it our Annual Queen Event, Sharon had taken the initiative to design t-shirts for us and take orders and well… here are the two designs we now have:

Front Side

Back Side

Ahhh…. right?  I love them!!!

Yesterday I went rollerblading with Wendy.  First time since the big bike crash and it was great to get our on the trail again.  We bladed 12 miles.  Thanks Wendy!  😀

 Bike miles in 2011:  196

Rollerblade miles:  30

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… BOOK CLUB…. The First Rule Of Book Club…

  1. Love the t-shirt and congrats on 10 years with your book club. I’m a bit jealous: I recently joined a book club and we seem to have folded after only 3 meetings… 😦

    1. Thanks – we just got lucky. At first I thought all book clubs were like ours but as I talked to people I learned that it was hard to maintain a group, or build one even. I am really proud of our group and we really all contribute to keeping it fun 😀

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