Witches Of East End by Melissa De La Cruz

Freya and Ingrid Beauchamp.  Sisters.  Freya looks between 19 and 24 years of age, and Ingrid between 28 – 33.  Truth be known… the lovely Freya and the librarian Ingrid are much much older….

it really is had to keep track of the years when you are a witch.

Along with their mother Joanna, the three women live in North Hampton off the tip of Long Island.  Their life is pretty hum drum day in and day out as long ago (think Salem witch trials) they were banned from using their magic.

Joanne has the power to reverse death and heal serious injuries.  Ingrid can predict the future and weave knots that can solve infidelity and infertility.  Freya, the wild child, can create potions that can cure any heartache. 

Then one day Freya sees an opportunity to help out a friend… and really, what’s a little magic about friends?  The magic done and successful and seemingly no repercussions, she does it again.  Soon Ingrid and Joanne catch the fever and start using their abilities to help the locals as well and for a while, things are wonderful!

Then things start to happen…. people are becoming sick, the water has a sticky black substance to it, people are missing and some are dying…. suddenly everyone is looking and pointing the finger at the Beuchamp’s.  Yet Joanne, Ingrid, and Freya know there is a darker force at hand and while trying to clear their name they are also looking closely at a dark presence that they have encountered before…

The popular Blue Blood series is also by this author
The popular Blue Blood series is also by this author

I picked this book up ay BEA and I was hooked on the book cover…. what could it mean?  Who is the girl?  I had not read Melissa De La Cruz before but I wanted to give her a try.  I dabble a little in  paranormal reads and many YA so why not?

At first I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it.  I did not like Freya’s looseness which was almost from the beginning and I stumbled through the first 50 pages not feeling committed to the story at all.  And then, it started to get interesting… the parts about Ingrid held me to the book (she was nice AND worked with books – what’s not to love?) and while Ingrid leveled the playing field, Freya grew on me (a little).  Her own infidelity bothered me (especially since her own sister has powers to stop it).

This is a book I had really expected to love and, well… I didn’t.   Some of the dialogue seemed choppy and story lines sprouted every which way and some were followed through and some I wondered what happened to…   while I was interested enough in the story to see where it was going, and some parts of the book were awesome good, in the end it was an ok read and gave me a few hours of relaxing in the sun on my deck.

Fair warning – this is book 1, so if you dive in, know it is more than a one read story 😀

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Good Reads

The 2011 WHERE Are You Reading Map now includes Witches Of East End

I received this book in May at BEA in New York

10 thoughts on “Witches Of East End by Melissa De La Cruz

  1. I love getting to that point in a book where the story suddenly hooks you and carries you along. Sorry to hear that this didn’t live up to it’s potential for you, though.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you say this because I started it, and was so wanting to like it because of one of the witches being a librarian, but it just annoyed me and I stopped but kept my notes so it would be a MAYBE-DNF but now I will downgrade it to a PROBABLY-DNF! :–)

    1. Jill I was surprised too, I thought with the authors hit with True Blood (I have not read these) that this would be awesome, but things did not connect for me… you will see a mix of opinions on Good Reads too…some are loving it, some not so much….

  3. I really loved it in the beginning, but I agree with you that it wandered off into too many different directions and became a bit fantastical by the end. The story that they set up in the end is intriguing but not sure of I will read the next book.

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