Morning …er Afternoon Meanderings… Bookstores, and Authors – these are a few of my favorite things

Good morning errrr… afternoon! 

I have had a pretty nice end to my week.  I had a day off on Friday (woo hoo – seriously woo hoo!!!) a nice package arrived, and a successful road trip yesterday.

Last week I read and reviewed Jerusalem Maiden by Talia Carner.  I had met Talia in New York this year and enjoyed talking with her.  When I wrote my review I mentioned that I was interested in hearing that Talia had written two other books that I would like to read some day.  Soon after, Talia contacted me saying she would be delighted to send me the other two books.  (*someone pinch me – these book happenings often feel like a dream!*)  Of course I said I would love that.  😀

On Friday, Talia’s package arrived:


And then yesterday I went to my closest Barnes and Noble in St Cloud, Minnesota to see the NOOK representatives and they were SO NICE!  The lady (I wish I would have caught her name) was so kind to me!  I know very little about the powers of my NOOK and she walked me through some of the magic of the NOOK and upgraded my NOOK and hooked me up with a free book.  I left feeling very satisfied with the help I was given.

Did I leave empty-handed?

Of course not…. that has never happened.  😛

There it is…. a great weekend that really makes me appreciate the book relations in my life 😀



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  1. you have never read snow flower?! one of my book club’s favorites!

  2. Hope you love Weight of Water…it was also made into a movie at one point. I think Sean Penn was in it.

    Enjoy your books and your nook!!

  3. I have to fight to leave empty handed from B&N

  4. Glad you had a good trip, but um, thanks for the ear worm. 😛

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