From Books to Broadway: Mary Poppins

This week, I am planning many posts on my time in New York for BEA.  I will be posting about the YA Teen Carnival, Dinner with Beth Hoffman, The Expo itself, Harper Collins Party and dinner following with Bloggers, The tour of Greenwich Village, lunch with Adriana Trigiani, The Harry Potter Exhibit, and this, seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway.

Now – Mary Poppins was actually the last thing we did in New York this past week.  It was Friday evening and I was hanging with Reagan from Miss Remmers Reviews and Cass from Bon Jour Cass.   They wanted to do something “New Yorky” for our final evening in the big city, I just wanted to go out to eat.  😛

When they came up with the idea of Mary Poppins, it sounded interesting but I was tired and calculating when we would get back… we still had to pack… our flight left at 6:45 am….  (I know… I know… what a pain right? :razz:)  I knew they were right to do something awesome, but really… Mary Poppins?  Really?

Oh.  Ok…..

So off we went stopping for delicious buffalo chicken sandwiches and spaghetti on our way to the show.  Once seated and the curtain was drawn….

I was never the same.

Ashley Brown makes a wonderful Mary Poppins.  I can not even begin to do her justice.  Her voice, her moves, if ever there was a Mary Poppins – she is her. 

I’m practically perfect in every way

practically perfect that’s my forte

uncanny nannies are hard to find

unique yet meek unspeakably kind

I’m practically perfect not slightly soiled

running like an engine that’s just been freshly oiled!

The special effects are phenomenal – props appear from within a seemingly empty travel bag and a bed appears under a sheet…. when Gavin Lee as Bert walks up the stage wall across the tops and down the other side – the audience goes wild!  I imagine children are astounded and will not soon forget the magic of Mary Poppins …. shoot, neither will I.

I think one of the key moments for me was when they sand supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  The song, the dancers, was so good!  See for yourself:

I told Reagan and Cass later that I could study that dance for the rest of my life and not be able to do it!

AND how about the kids?  Their roles are huge, I found it fascinating that there are actually three sets of kids who perform these songs and dances.  What big roles!  Hear from them yourself:

I loved the witch, errr….. the other nanny, Miss Andrew, Mr. Banks’ nanny who he had as a child.  *gulp*  If this actress does not play roles as a witch she certainly should… she was AWESOME!

Overall… I LOVED IT!  How could you not.  I think I had forgotten the story behind Mary Poppins.  Deeply buried no doubt in childhood memories, entwined in stories long since abandoned in the depths of the files in my brain.  It was nice to take these memories out for a refresher. 

BEA is more than books… it is for me, a taste of New York and each time I go I bask in what I can experience this time.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you go and see this visual treat.  You will thank me. 

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  1. Oh Sheila you just made my night! This is one of my all time favourite movies! I can’t wait until my girls have a long enough attention span to watch it with me!

  2. Sheila, I absolutely loved Mary Poppins when I saw it last year. Going to NYC you have to go to Broadway to see a play.

    Thanks for the memories it brought back.

  3. I’ve been wanting to see this play. I have such fond memories of seeing the movie as a child.

  4. I have fond memories of Mary Poppins, the movie with Julie Andrews and never could imagine someone other then Julie Andrews playing Mary but after seeing the clip of the Broadway show I too am hooked! I think it was a perfect way to end your wonderful trip to NYC!

  5. Such a good story! I bet seeing it on stage would be phenomenal. 😀

  6. Oh I can only imagine how awesome this was. I’m so glad you were able to do it!

  7. I’m going to NY with my daugher’s GS troop this summer and Mary Poppins is on our list! I’m glad you liked it and I can hardly wait!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful way to end your stay in New York. I can just barely remember the movie with Julie Andrews. I’ll have to check that out on Netflix one day soon.

    • Kathleen honestly, I barely remembered it too… in fact before I went in if you would have asked me what Mary Poppins job was I would have had no idea…. I am pretty sure I forgot she was a nanny.

  9. I love the movie and try to watch it once a year. I keep meaning to pick up the books it was based off of but haven’t managed to do so yet. I would love to see the musical version of it. I’m glad you loved it and thanks for sharing.

  10. I can’t wait to read about all your fabulous events in NY. I haven’t seen Mary Poppins over here yet, but I do believe we have quite a big production of it in London too, as the lead actress was chosen during a search for a star series on television.

  11. Wow, this play sounds awesome! What a great way to end your trip!

  12. When I saw your post, I thought: Hmm Mary Poppins? Really? Just like you did, actually!

    So it’s extra nice to hear this was a great success. I think a lot of these shows, as long as they are performed well, and the music is good, it’s going to be great. Glad you didn’t just “eat” on your last night in NY!

  13. Oh, I envy you the experience! I have enjoyed theatre productions in LA and SF, but NY! Wow!

    Thanks for sharing….

  14. One of my favorite movies as well. We always get a kick out of it because my daughter misunderstood one of the songs. Instead of “it’s a jolly holiday with you, Bert ” to be “it’s a jolly holiday with GOOBERT”, LOL.

  15. I miss Broadway shows. When we lived in NJ, we used to go quite often. Of course, they were cheaper then. We would have dinner and the show and still have change from a $100 bill. Thanks for the clip of the song.

  16. We missed you at dinner but this sounds like a great alternative. I’ve been wanting to see this play for a while – looks like it was really worth it!

    • I wanted to do dinner with you guys too Heather! But yeah – this turned out to be a pretty great play. Next year we should get a group and go to a play together. I plan on coming a day early next year to do more sight seeing – and have a more relaxed start to the events 😀

  17. I just love seeing live shows on Broadway – it is always a magical experience! I read Mary Poppins when I was a kid and am a big fan of the Disney movie, so I;m sure I would love the show as well – it sounds wonderful! Glad you got to experience that aspect of NYC!


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