The Island Of Lost Girls by Jennifer Mcmahon

When a person dressed up in a rabbit costume coaxed a little girl out of her car and into his, the lone witness, Rhonda, who is on her way to a job interview,  is too stunned to act. As the small rural town mobilizes a search for the missing child, Rhonda, reeling with guilt from her inaction, is reminded of another girl who went missing—her closest friend from childhood, Lizzy. Joyful memories of their youth spent putting on plays and exploring the woods alternate with darker moments: losing the love of her life, Lizzy’s brother, Peter, and the year an increasingly disheveled and moody Lizzy stopped talking to her or anyone else. Past and present merge as Rhonda closes in on the costumed abductor and also on the dark family secrets that tore their perfect childhood apart.

Last week I reviewed Promise Not To Tell, also by this author.  I found The Island Of Lost Girls to have many similarities, both books are around a childhood crime and flashbacks to that time  of childhood – to the present situation. 

Jennifer Mcmahon builds a strong story that much like Promise Not To Tell… kept me guessing.  I found the story line good and the whole dude in a rabbit costume creepy.  There are a few times that the rabbit speaks his thoughts and that was chilling…. I think that really held me as I wanted to know who the rabbit was…. really bad. 

I liked Rhonda, she was a well-developed character and I liked that she helped the investigation after being the sole witness to the crime.  I also enjoyed the unveiling of the two crimes.

All said and done, it was a delicious (if not a wee bit creepy) mystery which really, between the two books in a week, fed that mystery craving I have been having lately. 

Love a good mystery?  Jennifer Mcmahon is an author to watch. 

I received this book for review from TLC Book Tours

25 thoughts on “The Island Of Lost Girls by Jennifer Mcmahon

  1. great review! i have one of mcmahon’s books on my shelf and now i can’t wait to read it. it’s been a while since i’ve read a really good and exciting mystery.

  2. This story truly does sound creepy. I have seen a scary movie where the bad guy wore a rabbit suit (can’t remember what it is now).

    I haven’t read anything by this author yet but both of her books that you mentioned sound really good. Excellent review!

    1. Staci every time I read a book like this it pulls my back to early 20’s…. I was such a mystery reader and if you could spook me all the better – I dont dabble that much in this genre now but it is fun to visit. 🙂

  3. Rabbit costumes are creepy.

    I haven’t read a really good mystery in a few months, so I really should pick up the McMahon I have on my shelves!

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