Morning Meanderings… sunny days

Good morning!  OOH I feel good!

The sun is shining (although it calls for rain) and I am itching to get on my bike again and may do that after work if the weather hold.  Tonight I have a 5 pm dinner with my girlfriends I used to work with.  I am so looking forward to that.  This is the group that I meet with once a month to catch up on life and happenings.  Next month we are planning a 4 days road trip together and that is going to be so exciting – I will probably get more details on that tonight.

I don’t have anything super exciting this morning – in fact as I sip at COFFEE CUP I am pretty much coming up blank for anything fun to share…

I have not worked out much this week due to evening commitments and last night…. honestly – I just skipped out.  Between running and cleaning… I didn’t really want to do anything but finish the lawn and that is what I did.  Now I can move forward from here without “lawn guilt:.  Nobody wants to carry that.  😛

I hope everyone is finally experieincing spring… I feel as though we are and it makes my heart sore… its like the dust came off of me and I am filled with energy.  After tonight my weekend is pretty clear and I am going to work hard on keeping it that way.  I must get some writing done and prepare for New York which is….. 11 days away….


Bike Miles: Currently 66 for the year but hope to add to that later today.

4 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… sunny days

  1. It took forever for spring to get here, too, and it was one step forward, two backwards for awhile.

    And then we started having days that required air conditioning, which I never look forward to…it gets very hot here in the summer.

  2. I hope you had a fantastic time with your friends. It is always nice to catch up with people. I have some friends I used to work with that I enjoy keeping in touch with.

    The weather has been much warmer here for the past few days (80s) but we’ve also had quite a bit of rain and thunderstorms, which is the downside I guess. At least everything is blooming. I love the flowering trees at this time of year.

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