Movie Review: Limitless

Eddie Morra, is broke, dirty looking, unfocused and down on his luck.  He is contracted to write a book, but can not seem to write a word.  He spends his days snoozing, occasionally boozing, and basically wasting air.  His girlfriend has just told him that enough is enough and she needs to move on.  Eddie…. can’t blame her.

And then Eddie runs into his ex- brother-in-law who asks him to catch up over a beer or two.  As they talk, Eddies brother-in-law says he can help Eddie with what ails him and offers us a clear pill in a small bag.  At first Eddie refuses, he may have many faults, but drug use is not one of them.  It’s clean, Eddie is assured.  They call it NZT and it just makes you clear-headed, taps into that 80% of the brain that we do not use.

Eddie eventually thinks what does he have to lose, and takes the pill.  Minutes later – his life changes forever.

Clear headed, Eddie can recall everything he has ever seen on tv, read in a book, learned, experienced…. he is filled with energy and writes his book in four hours.

Of course, he returns to the brother-in-law to get more of this miracle pill, but finds that his brother-in-law has been killed.  Eddie searches the apartment and is able to find the hidden stash of the NZT and starts taking it daily.

He starts working out and getting in shape, he gets his scraggly hair cut and looks good.  His brain works so fast he is able to comprehend stock market changes and starts making money, thousands of dollars a day…. but it is not fast enough.  Eddie takes out a “loan” from a shady character who threatens to skin Eddie if the money is not returned.  Eddie uses this money to make larger investments and the money rolls in…. people take notice and soon Eddie is working for the biggest financial dude in the world…. he has everything he needs and money to purchase things he doesn’t….

but Eddie is not the only one looking for NZT and he soon learns that people are watching, and he starts to find hours missing that he can not account for and learning that others who have been on the drug are either dying or dead.


I LOVED this movie and I have seen it twice. Fast action, and while I am no advocate for drugs – there is a message within this movie that really makes you think about unlimited power and what happens when it is in the wrong (and right) hands.

When you see all that NZT does in the movie, how much a person can accomplish, how much it opens your mind up… you can see the draw… especially for a guy like Eddie who really can not sink much lower.


Part of it is honestly I really enjoy this actor, he’s quick, he’s witty, and easy on the eyes.  (Yes… I said it).  😛  I thought he had just showed up on the radar in the last couple years when I seen him in movies like:  A Team, Valentines Day, He’s Just Not That Into You and in Hangover.

Then the other day I was watching Failure To Launch on tv and noticed that he played the roll of one of Mathew McConaughley’s friends….

Bradley Cooper and Matthew MacCoughley in Failure To Launch

and I was surprised and I had not picked up on that.  I also found that he played in Yes Man, with Jim Carrey.  Now that just makes me like him even more as here he was pretty much this supporting actor who someone seen potential in.  I like that.  I have always rooted for the underdog.  It’s just my way.

Jim Carrey and Bradley Cooper

I think we keep an eye on Bradley Cooper.  I bet there are more big roles coming for him and I think he is just getting started.

I highly recommend if you are a movie lover, go and see Limitless at the theater.  For this book girl (who seems to be lacking in the reading department lately…) this move was an awesome break from a long movie free winter.


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  1. This movie looks great! I have yet to see it, but really want to! Bradley Cooper was also in Alias. I fell in love with him then and have watched quite a few of the movies he has been in. 🙂 Glad to see another fan! 🙂

  2. I am thinking I would like this movie. What is its rating and how is the language and content? I always check that before going to see a movie.

    • PG13 … for the most part very good, the language is good – I think the worst is a couple sex scenes – but nothing close and personal ….

      I like to check that in movies too Shirley 🙂

  3. I think I am developing a crush on Bradley Cooper. I have seen a couple of his movies lately, and I like him more and more. I will definitely go see Limitless when it comes to Norway, it sounds very interesting.

    BTW, you should go to YouTube and look up an episode of The Graham Norton Show with Bradley Cooper and Steve Merchant. Hilarious!

  4. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve not heard of this movie. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    • I think it was just recently on my radar too Beth…. so many poor movies as on the past few months I had really given up on looking for anything good. Between this one and Lincoln Lawyer, I am a happy movie goer! 😀

  5. I love movies you can watch more than once and still enjoy! I can’t wait to see this.

  6. I’ve loved watching Bradley Cooper since the tv show Alias with Jenneifer Garner. I bet my hubby would love this one.

  7. Wasn’t this a GREAT movie?! Funny thing is…I didn’t even want to see it. I went because my mom wanted to see it and I’m so glad I did. Probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. Also, Black Swan. That movie really sticks with you. I want to see it again. Either that or I’m going to buy the DVD. Natalie Portman really deserved the OSCAR.

  8. I had been noticing this one last weekend…but saw The Lincoln Lawyer instead. Now I’m very excited to see Limitless. I do like the actors in this movie…am I to conclude that the Robert DeNiro character is the one that dies in the beginning?

    You’re right about Bradley Cooper, too…he seemingly has shown up on my radar as well. Loved Valentine’s Day….

    I’ll have to revisit Failure to Launch.

  9. I just LOVE Bradley Cooper! He was amazing in Hangover. I didn’t catch him in Failure to Launch either – I guess I spent most of the movie time staring at Mathew McConaughey. Thanks for the movie review!

    • If I had not seen the movie on TV recently and have just seen Limitless I would not have picked up on the fact that it was him… they took him from these “doofus” characters and made him a leading man and that I find impressive. 🙂

  10. I think Bradley Cooper is hot! He has been on the rise for a good couple years like you said. He was in Sex and the City in ’99 hot then and still hot now!
    He was also in the TV series Nip Tuck! He most definitely does get about!

    Great post – i was meant to see it last week but going to see it this Friday! 😀

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