Morning Meanderings… When The Song Gets Stuck In Your Head

Good morning.

So… this weekend Al and I went to see Limitless.




I know?Ā  Addict right?

I really loved this movie and I don’t know if it is because all winter long it felt like I was starving for a good movie at the theater and none were to be found, or if it was – as I believe…. that awesome.

For whatever reason… I have one of the songs stuck in my heard from the movie.Ā  Whats funny is it took me three days to find it….

In the movie they do not play the whole song – only the upbeat “Ba dah dah dah dah”…. hummed it, sang it, danced to it, Googled it

could not find the title of the song….


Then yesterday – determined…. I searched and had to listen to each song in the movie to get it.Ā  And found it.Ā  I wasn’t a big fan of the whole song… but it is growing on me and now has entered my IPOD nano (Podette) to be used when I work out.

Funny how that happens…

Don’t laugh.Ā  It’s stuck… stuck in my head.

Have an awesome day – when I have time… I plan on reviewing the movie.Ā  šŸ˜€

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  1. at least you like the song stuck in your head…i usually get the latest teen hit in my head…katie perry, rhianna… and let me tell you..IT IS NOT PRETTY!!!

  2. Sometimes the craziest songs ā€” that I don’t even know ā€” get stuck in my head, and I can’t even figure out why or how they got there.

  3. I’ve had the worst time lately – in the grocery store they were playing “Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head” and now it is stuck IN my head and I HATE that song!!!!!!!!

  4. Sigh! I know that feeling. Had to buy a Joni Mitchell album after hearing one of her songs on Love Actually!

  5. Its a good song – isn’t it the one that they show on the previews (well maybe only in the uk!)

    I look forward to the review i think me and the other half are going to see it this week!

  6. I hate when a song gets stuck in my head. I have an app for my phone that identifies songs and have actually used it in the movies before.

  7. Oh, I really hate when I can’t remember the name of a song that’s “stuck in my head”! LOL

    Have a great day!

  8. Lately as Cathe has been posting songs on FB from each year of her life, I’ve had practically a song a day stuck in my head.

  9. Ooh, glad to hear that you loved Limitless. I’m hoping to go watch that sometime this week! šŸ™‚

  10. Can’t wait for the movie review. It must be good if you wanted to see it again!

  11. You seem to be a persistent researcher…so glad you found it…

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