Morning Meanderings… Choose The Next Book I Read And Win It For Yourself!

Yes!  It is that time again and maybe, for me, the first sign of spring is indeed the Spring Library Sale.

Yesterday I was not able to be at the library for the opening moments which is crushing… but I did make it around 11 a.m. and came out with enough good reads that I am content until the fall sale… where I have already pre warned everyone – I am going and going in the morning to be a part of the excitement of the crowd that wraps around the library waiting for the doors to open… ahh yes, it truly is a part of the sale that makes it a complete experience.

SO – as per my tradition… If I go to the sale and bring home a box of books they tend to stay in that box.  Last year I implemented a fun win win with the library sale books that works for both you and I.  Below you will see posted all the books that I purchased yesterday at the sale.  Honestly I had a short time at the sale and with the crowd, I did a lot of picking out books that had appealing  covers and in many cases know little about the actual reads.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick my next read.  Below in the comment area tell me which of these books you would like to read.  On Saturday I will choose a winner using and I will add the at book to my reads for next week and once read, I will mail it to you.  See?  Win Win!!!

Here are the titles of the books:

Their Eyes Were Watching God

V.S. Naipaul

A Catch of Consequence

The Dress Lodger

The Other Side Of Air

Breath, Eyes, Memory

About Schmidt

Finding Nauf

Six Pence House

The Beautiful Thing That Heaven Bears

A Child In Time

A Cup Of Light

The Elegant Gathering Of White Snows

Dance Upon The Air * a three book series I have loved for years

Face The Fire * The third book in the Dance Upon The Air series

The Glass Palace

Cutting For Stone

Rooftops of Tehran

The Beach House * read and enjoyed many years ago but willing to read again

Chateau Of Echos

The Knitting Circle

Murders Out Of Tune

The Last Kingdom


Have fun 😀


86 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Choose The Next Book I Read And Win It For Yourself!

  1. Ooh, tough! I think you should read Cutting for Stone, which I read in galley form. Personally, I’m interested in Rooftops of Tehran, Knitting Circle, Their Eyes Were Watching God …

    I guess I’ll go with that last one, Their Eyes Were Watching God.

    Looks like a pretty good haul for showing up so late! :p

    1. Cutting For Stone is a 600+ page book – I did not realize that when I agreed to do a bonus book review with the Bookies in a little over a week… looks like I need to set page goals….LOL

      It wasn’t a bad haul was it? I had about 10 minutes in their as we were on our lunch break… so I just grabbed 😀

      I have always wanted to read Their Eyes Were Watching God.

  2. What a haul! Those are some pretty exciting finds.

    I vote for The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. I was recently introduced to this author via. The Red Thread and LOVED it so I cannot wait to read The Knitting Circle.

  3. I was going to say ‘Cutting for Stone’ too but that is taken so I will go for ‘The Knitting Circle’. I looked it up and it sounds like something I would buy.


  4. Cutting for Stone has been on my wishlist for a few weeks now, so I’m going to have to go with that one!

    I also recently bought A Bend in the River by V.S. Naipaul; hopefully it’s good!

  5. There are three that just jump out at me but my selection would be Murders Out of Tune (I do love a good mystery!). Looks like you’ll have a great time with whatever you choose!

  6. you got all those at the END of the sale?? i am jealous!
    i’ve heard great things about finding nouf so that gets my vote!

    1. Nah – sale goes through Saturday…. this was 2 hours after it had opened. I love our sale they do 50 cents a paperback and 1.00 a hard cover – all the books you see here I paid 50 cents a piece for 😀

  7. You cleaned up pretty good, even if you weren’t in the front of the line. :o) Cutting For Stone gets my vote, it was a tough choice. I think I am picking it just because yesterday a girlfriend called to tell me I HAD to read it, and very SOON!!

  8. The Dress Lodger, sounds interesting and I like the cover. I have read Cutting for Stone with my Book Group, it’s good and then we ate at an Ethiopian restaurant! Yummy!!

  9. I’ve read The Knitting Circle and enjoyed it. I *loved* Cutting for Stone and recommend it to anyone who will listen to me. You couldn’t go wrong with either of those, but Murders Out of Tune would be my vote for your next read.

  10. I read Finding Nouf at the suggestion of a good friend and loved it! This was a really hard choice, so many good selections (you did good!) But I think my pick will have to be Dress Lodger.
    Good job, Sheila =}

  11. What a great haul! All those books from one library sale is a real bargain. I vote for The Dress Lodger. I like novels with a medical twist.

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