Morning Meanderings… Wha…. It’s Not Morning Anymore?




To say the morning got away from me would not be exactly true…. I was present in the morning…. but I did something I rarely do.  I got up at 5:30, checked the stove, came in and went back to bed.  Woke at 7:30…. and…

remained in bed.

I was tired.

When I did get up – eventually… at about 9:30 (I kid you not!) I prepared for my day, and went grocery shopping.  I picked Chance up from his friend’s house, came home, and put everything away.  I started a load of laundry and seriously was just going to skip this mornings meandering.


somehow that just felt…



I read a few blogs…. and the ideas started to flow… I need to:

Find the Word Shaker book and get it posted…. sooner rather than later

write my review for if I stay and for the LOST encyclopedia

spend at least a couple of hours writing today

Finish reading The Kitchen Boy and This Book Is Overdue

Take an hour this afternoon and work out…. I don’t care how or where…. dance in the kitchen if I need to but DO IT.

finish the laundry

make supper

complete my book study for tomorrow night

organize the reading room… if not today – tomorrow.

Coffee Cup in hand – I am ready to go.  Whats on your Sunday “to do”?


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  1. Good for you for going back to bed 🙂 I think we all need to do that sometimes. I think something is missing from your to do list…relax for an hour (nope this morning doesn’t count) with coffee cup in hand. My Sunday “to do” is grocery shopping, cooking egg cups for this week’s breakfast, cook dinner, clean off my desk….again…sigh, and some menu planning. Enjoy your day.

  2. Lately my kids have had so many snow days (and I teach too so when they are off I’m off too) that getting up on time is so hard! What a to do list though. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Got up and iced cupcakes for the youth group spaghetti dinner (scheduled for after this morning’s worship service), sent the kiddos off to the church to help with that dinner, drank my Diet Pepsi for the morning, checked Facebook, got ready, went to church, enjoyed the spaghetti dinner and fellowship time, came home and changed clothes, now at school preparing for the week (some new charts to put up, some grades to enter, etc.), planning on reading a while this afternoon, making supper, doing some laundry, and spending time with the hubby. Whew!

  4. I’ve posted my Sunday Salon adventures, visited some blogs, wrote for awhile on my WIP…and done some reading.

    I can’t stay put for more than 30 minutes in one spot because I had a flare-up with my back this week….

    Here’s my SUNDAY SALON

  5. Ow Laurel! I hope you get your back taken care of!

  6. I got up and went to Sunday School. I’m one of the teachers in the two year old class.

    I went to Wegmans to do sone food shopping. I’ll start some laundry then go upload to my blog at Starbucks.

    Then I’ll come home to bake some peanut butter brownies and watch Downton Abbey.

  7. Well, I slept in – until about 9:30. Got 4 little girls ready and off to church at 11:00 grabbed fast food for lunch came home put on my comfies and am not watching Community in bed. Love Sundays!

  8. Well, I slept in until 9:30. 4 little girls wanted me to get up, so I did and got them ready for church. Went to 11 service – awesome – and then grabbed a quick lunch that I didn’t cook to come home and get in my jammies, where I am now cozied up in bed watching episodes of Community!

    • Community? I haven’t heard of this Wendy! I am supposedly writing but keep thinking of things that I need to look up on the internet, which in turn has me check emails, in turn brings me back to this blog….LOL

      Rest up friend – oh and kudos on you finally FINALLY commenting and not just stalking my posts! LOL 😛

  9. I got up at 8 this morning even though I’d meant to get up earlier and did a load of laundry, finally took down the Christmas tree, started vacuuming and realized I need a new vacuum because it isn’t picking anything up at all. Bummer. At least I tried to clean 🙂

    I also finished a book and now I’m going to work on writing my Monday, What Are You Reading post for tonight.

    Also on my to-do list: Getting some bills ready to be sent out tomorrow. I also need to spend some time reading Across the Universe because my review is due soon. If I am really motivated, I may write some more posts for later this week.

    Your to-do is impressive! Good luck with everything.

    • YAY Christina on taking the tree down! I did that last weekend. Enjoy your day – at this point I have only accomplished a little writing, both reviews are written, I did the laundry…. I keep eye balling the shelves for the Wordshaker read to jump out at me but can not make up my mind if it should be a current one that I need to review anyway or one off my shelf that I really want to read and hope others will join me 🙂

  10. I need to spend some serious time doing housework … but then that is ALWAYS on my to do list!

  11. Sometimes those mornings when we let ourselves be a bit lazy are the best!

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