LOST Encyclopia – A MUST HAVE for any fan of LOST

If you have read my blog or followed me on Twitter (@bookjourney) for any amount of time you probably know that I have spent my last two months of evenings watching all the seasons of LOST.

When LOST was on TV I found that I was missing episodes here and there due to life and commitments and then I would sit down to watch a new episode and I felt…. well..


At that point I let the show go planning to purchase the seasons and watch it that way and even then I had trouble staying caught up.  It was not until this past November that I said ok, here is the winter plan.  I am going to get through these episodes one after another and I am going to finish them all.  And that is what I did.

For those of you who are fans of LOST you know where I am going to go with this.  It was BRILLIANT.  AMAZING.  FULLFILLING.  and left me with a sense of wonder.  Most likely, I will watch them all again just to pick at the things I did not catch the first time and open up yet an even deeper level of appreciation.

This review though is about a book, not really about the show – although I guess that is not exactly true as they work together.  I found this treasure in early January at Barnes and Noble.  I had inquired if they had any books about LOST.  I was taken to a small section of movie related books and seen this beautifully large book on the shelf.  I pulled it towards me and loving glanced through the pages but catching the price out of the corner of my eye, I put it back on the shelf finding it too pricey to justify.

“But…. uh, Sheila.” *waving hand crazily high in the air*, “you have the book right?”


I then walked around browsing the shelves and found a large 50% off section in the center of the store and yes, there it was – this same book – but at half the price.  I snatched it up lovingly and made my purchase.

Once home – the book was tabu until I finished watching all the episodes as I did not wish to view anything that I did not already know about.  Chance whined to look at it – I said no.  Al inquired…. still the answer was no.

And then on Friday evening, I watched with Chance the final three episodes and as the closing credits ran and I sat with a sort of numbness of not believing it was over but knowing it was… Chance ran upstairs and came back with this book.

And so…. finally (FINALLY) I get to my point.

The LOST Encyclopedia is an absolute must have for any LOST super fan.  For this review I will clarify the difference between Fan and Super Fan.

Fan:  Really found the show enjoyable, but sees no reason to revisit or explore further.  See Exhibit A

Exhibit A: Chance

Super Fan:  Border line obsession with all things LOST.  More than likely has Googled Dharma and wonders if you can find coffee cups and Dharma apparel (for the record the answer is yes to both).  Super Fans will watch all the episodes again as well as all the bonus disc’s looking for clues they have missed the first, second, or third time around. See Exhibit B

Exhibit B: Me

Moving on.

As this large fabulous book opens up in the opening letter addressed to all Losties, there is an important paragraph:

This text will not confirm nor deny your theories about the show.  It will provide clarity, and it’s a great reference guide, but what it does NOT provide are answers to the great unknown.  It was incredibly important to us to maintain the purposeful interpretive quality of the show.  And although it is frustrating at times to puzzle things out for yourself, the show was called LOST for a reason.

The bars were manufactured by the Apollo Candy Company and sold around the world. Their history dates back to 1962. Due to the companies rapid success they ran into financial problems. Alvar Hanso of the Hanso Foundation stepped in and saved the company. Hanso’s connections to the DHARMA Initiative included the bard in the regular island provisions

It will be hard to tell you all the wonderfulness of this book but I will try to give you all the things that I kn ow appeal to me and I think would appeal to other Super Fans as well.

The LOST Encyclopedia is alphabetized.  Looking for that crazy candy bar and the story behind it?  It’s i n there.  A list of all the books mentioned and read on the Island?  Yup.  The meaning behind all the alcohol seen from the Dharma beer to the Scotch Whiskey that was used to humiliate Desmond, Daniel’s journal, the flashback/ flash forwards/ flash sideways, animals of the Island, and even the Fish Biscuits have their own page. The numbers the plane, even a list of the survivors of 815 that were never really acknowledged, but at my home when they showed up on scream were fondly known as the “Randoms”.

There is detailed layouts and explanation of the uses of each Dharma station.  If you missed something during the tv show or had a question left unanswered, chances are you will find it here.

Oh and of course this book would not be complete without a detailed list referred to as the “Nickname hall Of Fame”, yes, a list of all the nicknames sawyer used!  Partially listed below:

Cowboy, Slim, Sundance, Jackass (Jack)

Mohammad, Chief, Damn Arab Genious, Omar (Sayid)

Freckles, Shortcake, Puddin’, Thelma (Kate)

Oliver Twist, Tattoo, VH1 Has-Beens (Charlie)

Hidden Dragon, Chewie, Daddy-O (Jin)

Yoda, Captain Bunny Killer, Gizmo (Ben)

Crouching Tiger, Betty, Sunshine (Sun)

Jabba, Jumbotron, Pork Pie, Three Men and a baby (Hugo)

Mr. Clean, John Boy, Gimpy (Locke)

Barbie, Sweetheart, Pregnant Girl (Claire)

Short Round, Taller Ghost Walt (Walt)


Each character is broken down into pages of information:  Facts and figures, time on the island, likes and dislikes, skills, as well as any connections to the numbers or how the numbers were used in their scenes.  I also really enjoyed that they include lines that were priceless for each character!

…”You’ve no idea how hard it is for me to sit back and listen to other people tell me what I should do.  But maybe that’s the point.  Maybe I am suppose to let go.”


I can go on and on about this book but I am betting you get what I am saying.  If you love LOST or if you know someone who does, I would highly recommend this book.

I have updated the 2011 WHERE Are You Reading map to include the LOST Encyclopedia


I purchased this book at Barnes and Noble, ST Cloud MN

34 thoughts on “LOST Encyclopia – A MUST HAVE for any fan of LOST

  1. I have to disagree with this review completely. Yes, it is a good resource, but a horrible book. It is arranged alphabetically, but the way they alphabetized makes absolutely NO sense. Characters are by first name…except for when they are by last. They are SO many typos in it too. I counted 8 on one page! While it was a cool and informative book, it was SO badly put together

    1. Hmmm….. I found it wonderful to see all the details and the history of the items used in the shows. True – characters were by their first names and that was unusual unless it was to help us find them.

      I did not see the typos in mine and usually I am pretty alert to that…. but I could have been caught up in all the pictures.

      Bummer you did not enjoy the book Catie. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I gave up on Lost somewhere between the 1st and 2nd seasons. I think I was missing episodes here and there and so gave up (as I hadn’t a clue what was going on!).

    Glad you enjoyed the book!

  3. I’ve never watched this show…too many other shows that conflict, plus my reading and blogging….LOL.

    I like that Exhibit A and Exhibit B thing you’ve got going on….

    Finding any book you want at a discount is fabulous. For example (I know, off the LOST topic!), I had been wanting Barbra Streisand’s gorgeous new design book, featured on Oprah, etc. But it was COSTLY. Then I saw it offered on my Book Club at a considerable markdown. Guess what I did? Yes…I bought it.

    It’s full of glossy pix…I looked through it at the bookstore before walking away, sadly. But now I’m happy again!

  4. We are huge Lost fans! My boyfriend is re-watching the shows on netflix so I am thinking maybe I need to buy this for him for his upcoming birthday!

  5. I think I melted my brain for five years while watching the show, revisiting episodes, reading up on dark matter, arguing with the husband and friends. I adooorrreed it. I miss Lost. 🙂


    I went to LOST parties every Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the season, with 100 other LOST fans at a bar in NYC. It was like we were watching the Superbowl every week. I cried my EYES OUT when it was over. I changed my Facebook profile picture for a month to the LOST logo like it died or something. I’m getting sad thinking about it right now.

    So I am thrilled that you wrote this review. I read every single word of what you said and am so excited and as a LOST fanatic, I must have this book.

    Um, also, I’m having a LOST reading challenge haha!!

    Thank you thank you thank you for this review!!

    See ya in another life brotha,
    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

    PS: Thank you for spelling it with all capital letters heheh 🙂 You all everybody!

  7. I just saw this post and HAD to comment. So I even looked for a LOST book challenge and found a couple of old ones. I was thinking about starting the challenge but didn’t think anyone would be interested . Lost is my favorite tv show EVER!! I had to look everything, Dharma, what does Namaste meant and was it significant? Took tons of LOST quiz’s . Favorite character was of course, Sawyer.
    I’ll definitely have to find this book, sounds like a must have !! I think I may have to start collecting Lost stuff.
    Natalie :0)

  8. Oh, man, this sounds so great!! I’ve been watching the final season of Lost on DVD with my 16-year old son (I saw it on TV but this is his first time). he is totally hooked, and I am picking up stuff I missed the first time around.

    I must admit, I have spent a good deal of time on a website devoted to the books referenced on Lost – apparently, the show’s creators paid special attention to the books and included all of them for specific reasons. Sounds like they paid that kind of attention to EVERY detail.

    Did you see any of the pop-up shows? When they re-ran episodes with trivia popping up like on VH-1’s pop-up videos? My husband and I loved those shows because there was always stuff we’d missed!

    I may have to get this book for my son now…


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