Morning Meanderings… Christmas In January

Good morning.

For those who read the meandering yesterday – weigh in was 3 pounds down.  WOO HOO!!!

Last night for dinner I met up with girl friends who I used to work with.  LOVE these gals!  We had all been so busy since late November that we had not connected for our monthly get together in a while and this was our Christmas gathering.  We met at yummy El Tequila in town and I had a chicken fajita salad.

We also exchanged gifts.  I had bought each of them a photo frame that said “The Girls” and the idea along with it that we plan a fun getaway this fall that will result in great picture memories worthy of these frames.  Yes, I bought myself one too.  I also bought them yummy smelling candles.  I LOVE candles!

From them I received a wonderful $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble!!!  (Thank you Cindy you know me so well!).  From Heidi and Sara I received  a gorgeous book about the Split Rock Light House up by our cabin – SIGNED by the author!!!  You have to see this book!  It is beautiful – Sara and Heidi know me pretty well too!  😀

Then Sara produced a bag for each of us that had in it aprons for our newly annual baking weekend in November.  GAH!  They are so cool!  And she also had these super cute ornaments made for us!

So all in all – I love that Christmas has been spread out over a 5 week period!  Just makes it all so fun!

Today the plan was to peel out-of-town this morning to the cabin to write for the weekend but looks like I am going to have to put a pin in that idea and do what I can to catch up on my writing around here.  Maybe I will spend some time in the library this weekend and see if I can not concentrate there.  Either way – the plan for the weekend has been to write and that is what I am hoping to do.

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Christmas In January

  1. I love the aprons! And congratulations on the 3 pounds down! I’ve been doing the Game On Diet, and I’m down 5 which is super exciting. It’s so nice to actually get benefit from working out and eating healthier (since both are something of a pain). 🙂

  2. this was a much better post than I was expecting. I thought that you were going to say that you received tons of snow overnight. Cute aprons. Good job on the weight. You will laugh I already have tan lines on my legs from being on the bike outdoors.

  3. What fun to extend the holidays this way. Love that frame! Congrats on the weight loss.

    I LOVE Mexican food, and this reminds me that I haven’t gone to my favorite Mexican restaurant in awhile….

    1. I love it too Laurel although my salad wasn’t the best – they had refried beans in it and that made it turn into sort of a mush… I left about half of it and would not order that again. I have had really good their before.

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