Morning Meanderings… A No Coffee Morning…

Good Morning!

For those of you that read me often you are probably SHOCKED.


NO coffee.

Is that even possible to operate that way?

I am currently back in my training mode for spring and biking and whatever else I can get myself into this year so each Thursday morning is a weigh in.  Until weigh in time, I do not eat or drink anything Thursdays mornings.

The current training going on around here is nothing fantastic – Group Power, elliptical, treadmill… I can add more once we have Spring.  (OOOHHHHH how I long for spring!)

So – I am off – weigh in is at 8:30 am…

and afterwards…


that’s right….


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  1. You are impressive! I already had a big ole cup! XOX

  2. Wow, don’t you have a scale at home?

  3. I can’t wait for spring either. Of course winter isn’t as bad in Ohio but I still hate the cold and snow.

    Wow, good luck with your training! I would not have the energy to exercise on an empty stomach. Really I don’t have much energy for exercise at all. I’m impressed at all that you do! I’ve already started my morning with a cup of strong tea (some caffeine but not a lot). Now it’s time to get ready for my evening work shift at the library.

  4. I could never start the day without a cup of tea-weigh in or no weigh in. Have a good morn.

  5. More power to you! Even on the mornings I am doing the bicycling I have my coffee first. My DH actually brings my first cup to bed where I usually read for half an hour before getting up!
    Best wishes on your training.

  6. Oh, I had to start the day without coffee awhile back…but not because of Training Day. I was having a pulmonary study, and the instructions said: no coffee.

    You can guess what I did right after I was finished!

  7. Ahhh….you have reminded me to get my butt moving so that I too will be ready for cycling season. Unlike you though, I don’t ride in events because they are on weekends and I work. However, I would love to fit at least one in this year.

    Hope you enjoyed your first cup of coffee for the day.

  8. oooh, no coffee? more power to you! Well, I am on my second cup and now off to do stupid things faster – lol (love the photo 🙂

  9. I absolutely love coffee, but can only have about two cups a week without it interfering with my thyroid medicine. I drink a lot of decaf, but boy do I miss the good old days of coffee guzzling. 🙂

    Good luck with your Thursday morning weigh-ins!

  10. *gasp* I wouldn’t be able to make it out the door without my daily dose of caffeine! I’m a tea drinker, but need that morning cup! And the mid-morning cup, and the afternoon cup….*L*

  11. That last photo cracked me up!!! 😀

  12. Good for you! I hope the weigh in went well and you treated yourself to a nice cup afterward!

  13. I am now feeling guilty that I skipped my early morning training session on the Wii .

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