Bloggiesta Finish Line


There it is!  No longer a mirage…. it is… it is…

the finish line.

So what happened here?

I cleaned up my sidebars, uncluttered and put into storage the old challenges, seasonal links, and tossed the outdated.

I took part in all the mini challenges which are always such fun

I prepped posts for upcoming reviews with cover pictures and synopsis of book to give me a jump-start when writing the reviews

I took the vacuum cleaner attachment to my tag list and blew away all the unused and no purpose

I created a scrolling blogroll of my favorite blogs to read – thank you Hannah at Wordlily for walking me through the process!

I prepped “rainy day” posts – fun topics, bookish thoughts for the days my brain says “you got nothin’!”

For a brief moment I thought I would color tweak again as that has become a Bloggiesta tradition but I am happy to say that I changed my mind and feel I have finally come up with just the look I want for this blog and I am happy to stick with it.

My only task I thought I would accomplish and I did not was I wanted to visit all the participants.  I did this the last Bloggiestas but there was no way this time.  The participants list is huge and I just did not get there.  😀

Total hours invested:  27

I am thrilled with the outcome.  It was nice to set aside a weekend and dig into the things that have really been bugging me but I did not have time to do anything about.

And so…. until we the next Bloggiesta…. So long, farewell….

28 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Finish Line

  1. wow! 27 hours is amazing! I had great fun last year doing Bloggiesta and I learned a lot too. I might have to do the next one again.

  2. *Bows down in awe*

    27 hours!! Awesome! I have to say your Bloggiesta tweets helped me when I was doing my stint. Always good to know others are out there doing the same thing 🙂

  3. have check back the blog which hosted Bloggiesta. You’re right they have lots of nice challenge. I wish I have participate also.

    Congrats Sheila 🙂

  4. I took the vacuum cleaner attachment to my tag list and blew away all the unused and no purpose. Lol! This is such a wonderful statement. I could almost imagine you doing this in the virtual world.

  5. You got a lot done, even wrote up a finish line post! LOL I’m in awe about that because I just could not manage that last bit. Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t tweak your blog’s colours again… 🙂 See you next bloggiesta!

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