Morning Meanderings… Bookies, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Good morning!

I posted over the weekend that I was scraping in at the last second on our HUGE book club read that was due for review on Tuesday.  Did I make the deadline?

Uhhh…. no

Pretty much an epic fail.

I did however hold my head up high and showed up as the moderator that I am for our book club and confessed that I was not done… I had procrastinated on starting it and I was not finished.

And how did this great group of women respond?

With love and kindness as we have all been there.  I love that about my book club.  Read it, we hope you can, but we also get that life happens… and that’s ok too.  Above all else we hope you show up – book read or not.

Our review was awesome and as I have now completed the book I am ready to post my review later today as well as share their thoughts on this incredible read.  Stay tuned….

I went into book club on Tuesday evening feeling  S T R E T C H E D…. tired out, over booked (no pun intended but there it is anyway), and really had nothing else to give.

And you know what?  When it was all said and done in that two hours I was there,  this is what I left my book club thinking:



Oh yeah… also… our newest Bookie (born in December):

27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Bookies, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

  1. Fiza Pathan

    I love Rod Stewart and I wish I could have been part of a book club like yours, but sadly there is no such club around my territory.My day has been reasonably well spaced with study, lessons and research……and book reading so, I am not complaining. I was thinking of getting a project done……but…..Rod Stewart……
    OKAY….now you have got me thinking about Rod Stewart and his songs so, I better get out my DVDs and rock on !
    Studies can wait, but not love !

  2. I really would love to join a book club…I did a “guest” appearance (love the sound of that one!) in one of our local clubs to talk about a book of mine they all read…Chasing Stardust. It was so much fun!

    Love the new baby…and the Rod Stewart song!

  3. My book club is through, so it isn’t a good group of friends. As the organizer (aka the one who pays money for it) I HATE it when someone comes and they haven’t read the book. If they started it but didn’t finish, that is fine (so you would be welcomed with open arms).

    We had a meetup on Monday and a woman came and she hadn’t read a page, but kept bringing her opinions in starting with “I don’t know what happened in the book, but I know if I…” Seriously? She had never even come before!

    Then she goes on about it being my fault that she didn’t read it because I didn’t giver her enough time to get it from the library…even though I had told everyone about it at the beginning of December and it was in stores and on sale everywhere!

    Basically, I am saying you are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends you can have a book club with!

    1. We are a pretty open group Catie. I get that life happens (shoot it happens to me!) but our rule is that if someone has not read the book they have to sit there and not complain if we discuss the book…. or give anything away. This past month it was me and even though I finished the book a couple days later, I still heard some of the happenings that I had not read about yet.

      Hope your book club is awesome going forward and if that girl decided to stay in your group she is more active about finding the book and taking responsibility for her reading it. 😀

  4. That’s great that your book club doesn’t take itself too seriously and accepts that sometimes, even with the best of intentions, you just don’t get the book read!

  5. A few years ago, I had to step in to lead the discussion one evening at the book club meeting at my bookstore. The discussion leader had gone to the hospital that day and had a new baby boy. She named him Reeder, though I always think “reader.” I love this book club story!

  6. I’m quite jealous of those that have a great Book Club. I have yet to find one in Tucson, AZ. Plus, I would be afraid of not meshing well the others. I think clubs like that really help you stay on track (as much as possible).

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