Morning Meanderings… Basking In The Glow… Of What?

Good Morning!

Have you noticed this past week my Morning Meanderings have been a bit later than the norm?  This is a good thing!  It means in the morning I am RELAXING a bit!  😀

Granted I will get back to the early posts again in the next couple of days here (in fact I have many big plans moving forward that I will be sharing over the next week….) but for now…. I am hoping you were able to sleep in a bit this morning as well, or at least settle down with family, friends, or a great books (which to me… can be a lot like family and/or friends).

Quick Christmas recap:

  • We had both sons:  Brad (Navy Son) and Justin (College Son) home for Christmas.  SSSQQQUUUEEEEE!!!!  (First time we were all home together in 13 months!!!)
  • Brad’s friend (and honorary son) also from the Navy joined us for Christmas dinner.
  • Chance went home to be with his family for Christmas morning and dinner than came back for movies and games here.
  • Justin’s friend Branden (another honorary son) joined us after dinner for board games.

I love that we are THAT house.


We laughed a lot… opened gifts together….

Guess what I got!!!


That’s right!  I got this really cool t – shirt.  Ok, ok, that is true…. but obviously I am all SSSQQQQUUUEEEEE like because my hubby bought me the NOOK.  YES!  My first e -reader.  EVER.  I have never even used one before and I am so super-uber pumped!!!

Hubby got golf clubs, hoping he takes the hint to take a little more time for himself in 2011, boys received gift cards and goodies.

We ented our very late evening…. actually early early this morning like uhhh….. 1:30 am after playing many rounds of Sequence.  If you have not played this game I HIGHLY recommend it…. it is addicting.

So that explains the late post.  I am drinking my coffee this morning… already basking in the memories of a wonderful Christmas.  I am off now to finish reading a book and to start on my first book on the Nook (from this day forward fondly named “SNookie”).

What book did I choose you ask?

You have no idea what a pain staking task that was!  I mean the first book (much like my first DVD ever) is a big deal to me.  It will be the remembered one and it took me over an hour of book browsing to choose what should hold the honor.


This is a book I read a review of recently and I wanted to read it and my library did not have it.

Ok… now I am just rambling with random excitement so I am going to close this post with these pics of my sons.  My SNookie is calling me.  😀

Happy After Christmas glow to all of you!


51 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Basking In The Glow… Of What?

  1. Yea for the Nook! Hope you really enjoy it. I know I really love mine. Books On The Knob is a great site that announces free ebooks. Also there are some good Nook groups on Goodreads. Happy reading!

  2. I got a Kindle! So I’m feeling the “SQUEEEE” too! It took awhile to get it set up, but then buying books was easy!

    I have two on it so far, but haven’t started either one. One has to wait until after Jan. 1 (because it fits a challenge – Safe Haven, for the Nicolas Sparks Challenge); the other one I can start anytime…it’s Rescue, by Anita Shreve.

    I am finally going to discover what all the furor is about! You, too!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE for you too Laurel! It took me forever last night to choose a book! I started reading it last night just to get the feel of it… I need to learn a lot more about the Nook, but I will get there 🙂

  3. I love the T-Shirt and I really love the Nook Color. I hinted at one but I just got the Nook earlier this year so it was a no-go. Enjoy!

    1. HI T-Wan. I had only wished for the regular Nook and was surprised when I received the colored one. The department manager of Electronics is a friend of mine and a huge part of our book club, she helped my hubby pick it out as well as my son who knew I relaly wanted one. 😀

  4. Yay for SNookie! (Love it!) I got a Kindle from the husband, so I am definitely squeeeing too. Very exciting. I read the first chapter of “The Lake Side Limited” on my Kindle yesterday, but I’m thinking my first book might be the first one I downloaded – Tale of Two Cities.

  5. So happy to see that you really want to read The Tin Ticket – it’s a good book! Not much dialog though so it will take a little longer to read than most books.

    I hope you love the Nook. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts (I have used mine just once but will try it after I finish the run).


  6. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Love the t-shirt and congrats on the Nook…SCORE! I like the idea of naming your e reader. I think I’ll name my Sony Reader Koobe (ebook spelled backward)…clever, huh?! Anyway, glad you had a lovely holiday and you have two attractive boys there!

  7. Can’t wait to hear what you think of reading on the e-reader as opposed to “real” books. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas–it really is the best feeling to have the family together, isn’t it?!

  8. Merry Christmas, Sheila! I am so glad you got to be with your boys! What a wonderful gift — and then the nook, too 🙂 Yay! Looks like you are so happy in the picture and I’m so glad to see it. Love and good wishes for the new year.

  9. Merry Christmas Sheila! So excited for you that both of your boys were able to spend the holidays with you!

    And SQUEEEEE for getting a NOOKcolor! I have a classic nook and love it! B&N has tons of free eBooks, and I admit that I go a little crazy sometimes. And don’t get me started on the free eARCs on NetGalley. SQUEEE! You are going to have SO much fun with it! Enjoy! 😀

  10. I just received my first eReader for Christmas as well! I got a gift in the mail earlier in the week, and when I opened it Christmas morning, to my surprise it was a Kindle! How exciting for both of us 🙂

    Also, your sons are so adorable! Sooooo cute with the dog too 🙂

  11. Cute sons you have there. And congratulations on the Nook! Hope you enjoy it. Christmas is great – I was telling my daughter the other day, it’s the one fairytale that everyone seems to get into helping others believe – with the whole Santa Thing and every one trying to help out with gifts and food. It’s magical no matter what belief system people have. 🙂

  12. Oh, boy!! How exciting – a Nook and a cool book t-shirt! No e-reader for me yet. Right now, I rarely buy books (except as gifts), so it would cost me a lot more to read e-books. For now, I’ll stick with my library and review books.

    I did get some wonderful books for Christmas, though, that I cant wait to read.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. And I know just what you mean – we are THAT house, too, for all of my sons’ friends! Now they have a new ping-pong table in the basement, so I expect even more kids hanging out here.

    And I love playing games at Christmas (well, Ok, anytime). I’ve never tried Sequence, but it looks like fun. Last night, we tried the kids’ new game, Mad Gab – difficult but lots of fun!

    Enjoy this quiet week ahead!


    1. Sue it has taken me a long time to cross over to try an e reader and two years ago I thought I never would. As I travel more now I see where it makes sense other than choosing 6 – 8 books I think I would like to read and hauling them all over only to decide I do not want to read any of them now and wind up buying completely different reads which I then add to the original 6-8 and haul back home.

      True story. 😀

      This was my first time trying Sequence (didnt even know I had it) but loved it. We stayed up so late playing it 😀

  13. My what handsome sons you have, Sheila! So glad that you had a great Christmas. My hubby and I love to play Sequence too 🙂

  14. Sequence reminds me, at least visually, of a game we played as kids with my grandma. I think it was called Pokeno. Kind of like a combination of poker and bingo, it was so much fun. Every Christmas should have a good group board game…oh yes, and Snookies are good too. 😉

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